Tuesday, November 20, 2018

eleanor: two months!

at yesterdays appointment she was 9lbs 2.8oz

do you like my muscles? ive been working out

it appears we are growing a bobblehead... her 2 month stats were- head 15.25inches (67th percentile), 21.5 inches long (11th percentile), 9lbs 2.8oz... 6th percentile! haha. her head really doesnt look to be disproportionate to her body by any means, i just think the numbers are funny. shes just gonna be super smart with a huge brain! the doctor said everything is fine with her weight but wants us to come back in at 3 months instead of waiting for her 4 month check up to just make sure she is gaining enough. we also had a little bit of oral thrush earlier this month and had to give her some oral medicine for that. i was also put on some medication so that my boobs didnt get infected. fun stuff (but yay it worked!). although it was annoying to remember/fit in giving her the medicine 4 times a day, she took it like a champ.

just packed up the last of her newborn sized clothes. the onesies still kinda fit, tough to get over her head though (see above). 0-3 month clothes fits the best, and 3 month clothes is pretty big on her but she wears it anyway. we have tons and tons (and im serious, tons!) of short sleeve onesies (we actually have tons of clothes in general!), sadly most wont even be worn im sure (i do turn the heat up during the day but her circulation in her hands sucks so i try to keep her mostly in long sleeves). she hates wearing socks, just like her brother at this age. she sleeps in onesies and pants inside fleece sleep sacks because the 3 month pajamas with feet make her crazy- she kicks her legs and feet so much and her feet come out from the bottom foot part and she cant get them back in (they get stuck up in the leg) and it just becomes one big hot mess. one morning i took her out of the sleep sack and she had somehow gotten herself out of her pants. i dont even know how that is possible.

its now been over one week straight that she has slept in the bassinet! she still naps in the rock n play (and both the bassinet and rock n play have a vibrating option that she apparently needs to have on at most times, and she wakes up when it shuts off. not ideal but we'll get through it). shes a great sleeper, getting anywhere between 4 to 6.5 hours during the night. naps during the day are shorter but frequent. i feed her before she goes to bed around 8pm, then i pump around midnight (and get the most milk during that pumping session) so i will still continue to do that for a little while longer (overall i am getting a total of about 8.5 hours of sleep on average at night, just with one or two feeding/pumping sessions breaking that time up). she is, for the most part, able to soothe herself to sleep, sometimes needing her pacifier but not always. we have started a nighttime routine of changing her clothes in her room, singing to her and putting on nighttime lotion just like we did with henry. it worked really well with him so we figured we would start early with her as well.

E rarely cries unless she is hungry or wet and we havent gotten to her ahead of it. she does, however, have a pretty precise witching hour at night where she is basically inconsolable. for a while i was the only one that could help her (not ideal) and even sometimes i couldnt help her, but that has gotten better. if we keep her fed it seems to help keep her happy. go figure. overall she is a very happy little girl.

she has very good control of her head/strong neck (and has since almost right after birth). she has strong standing and walking reflexes, grabs onto fingers and blankets, tracks your voice, smiles, coos... all of the things babies i guess should be doing around now. she is much more awake during the day and is starting to like tummy time a little bit more. she also will mimic funny faces that we make at her like opening our mouths really wide and sticking our tongue out.

baby gear love
just like henry (apparently in his 2 month blog as well!) E is loving the fisher price discover n grow kick and play piano gym. she hadnt enjoyed being on her back recently but i thought i would get it out and try it, and she loves it! also like her brother, E enjoys looking at herself in the mirror on the bar above her. although this isnt necessarily for the baby, i am getting good use out of the "haakaa" hand breast pumps. i ended up buying a 2nd one because i used the first one so much i wanted a back up to have incase the other was still drying. i typically use one when i am feeding (on the opposite breast) to catch any let down dripping, and i also use one if i am just pumping on one side. all of this is very new to me since i was not really able to breastfeed henry for long (and pumping for him was awful and short lived).

where dont we go? lots of trips to target. weve been going to skowhegan every weekend while daddy hunts (which allows me to sleep in because henry hangs out with grandma!). E went to grammy nee and grampy dee's house for the first time this past weekend while i ran a 5k. she is a great traveler and falls asleep within about 5 minutes in the car. we also were able to visit the mellen street market one last time before grampy dee retired from working there.

and you better believe when we go out im super stylish!

not an outing, but the red sox won the world series!!

we just used up the last of the newborn sized seventh generation diapers. i didnt like them to begin with (and almost sold them) but i stuck with it and just used them because we had them. size 1 diapers are a little big but work well (only a few blow outs, most stays contained). i havent started using cloth diapers yet only because im already feeling overwhelmed with the amount of laundry we have i just cant. but i will. (i set everything out in preparation... soon... i also think i will be the only person doing it this time).

99.9% mommys milk!! i could write an entire post about this (maybe i will)... what a different experience than with henry. twice i have given her 1oz of formula because i was wanting to make sure she didnt have an adverse reaction to it incase she needed to take any formula while i was at work. she got super gassy (worse than she is normally, which is pretty bad in itself), so i threw the rest of it out (it was a small sample we got in the mail). i have over 100oz of breast milk saved, so i dont foresee us needing to use formula in the near future. im not sure exactly how much she is drinking (at this point we knew henry was taking 4oz bottles at a time)- she pretty much just feeds on demand. overnight i am pumping between 3.5 to 5oz so im sure she is around that when she eats. the middle of the night feeding she eats like a bird which is why i pump first, and she eats the most first thing in the morning.

E loves eating, sleeping, farting, and being super cute! she loves loves loves the changing table (and spends a ton of time there!). she likes to fall asleep on your chest and is slowly beginning to like the bouncing seat. she also loves her brother (and her brother really loves her!)

just like henrys blog, she hates being wet. must be a baby thing... although to be honest, i would hate it too (and actually get to experience it most every run i have done haha).

Friday, October 19, 2018

eleanor: one month!

happy one month Ellie bugs!

Thursday, October 18, 2018

eleanor: week four

7lbs 14oz at yesterdays check up. they had wanted us to come in between her 2 week and 6 week appointment since she technically wasnt gaining the "half ounce to ounce per day" they like to see, but going from 7lbs 4oz to 7lbs 14oz in 14 days does mean she now is. so yay eleanor! (and yay mommy boobs!) her breastfeeding journey is much different than henrys (we were supplementing a lot of formula by this point with henry) and as much as i am happy that i am able to do this for her, im thinking its likely time to start introducing at least one bottle here and there with her. i have yet to do much pumping (they told me to wait 4 weeks), but when i have pumped (if she doesnt eat much) i am not getting anything, so i dont know how i will be able to store anything in time to go back to work and have enough saved up. i have been able to collect some let down/leakage from one side while she is eating on the other and have a few bags of about 2-3ounces in the freezer, but those wont last long.

the vit D drops are still unopen on my counter... oops. she still seems pretty healthy. and she definitely poops on the regular, takes after her brother for sure. (she fits in well in this house haha)

she is definitely staying awake more during the day (for longer periods of time), and still sleeping well at night. she wakes up before 4 hours to feed, likes to eat more often during the day (2.5 to 3 hours). when she is awake during the day she hates being put down, but what do you do with a newborn (who hates to just lay around when awake?) so we sit and watch tv and i stare at her or wear her and walk around (which she then falls asleep on me).

i have officially retired two pieces of clothes that she cant stretch out her long skinny chicken legs in anymore. its beginning already!! still wearing newborn and 0-3 onesies, the "newborn" clothes are the ones that are getting tight or too short. she also has been kicking off her socks, just like hen used to.

Elle bug, Elsie, Ellies. Muffin is sticking pretty hard (henry was "monkey")
(i refuse to call her "ellie belly")

last weekend eleanor made her first trip to skowhegan, and then came with me to spectate the mount desert island marathon in bar harbor! she was a great little passenger (made it to bangor before needing to eat at a rest stop) and basically slept the entire race. i took her out of the car seat and wore her for a bit so that she wasnt sitting in the car seat all day long (we left at 515am and didnt get home until about 515pm!). it was about 32 degrees when we left the house but warmed up to the low 50s. she was snuggled up in blankets and warm clothes and seemed perfectly content. she also gave me her first major blowout. lovely.

baby gear love
nothing new really... loving diapers and wipes at this point ;)

swing? nope. no thank you.

"the 5 S's" 
swaddling- we gave up on this a long time ago. she does like to be bundled up in blankets, just not swaddled in them. side lying- she does enjoy lying on her side, definitely more so than her back (she will not fall asleep directly laying on her back and hates laying on the floor on her back). shushing- actually is working now! kinda. sucking- still going strong breastfeeding, also using a pacifier (unlike henry)... which is kinda a catch 22 for us since it soothes her until she spits it out (which she does a LOT) and then she freaks because she wants it back. its super cute watching her try to get it back in her mouth herself (which she actually is able to do sometimes). swinging- still hates the swing seat.

she continues to be gassy which brings on small bouts of screams and cries until the gas passes, but overall just cries if she is hungry or wants to be held.

gaining weight (yay!). working on her walking reflex (henry loves watching her and wants to help her do her "jumps"). she is more alert, tracks voices and faces. is being much more vocal.

overall i feel really good. despite having about 6 more weeks at home, im already feeling like its gone by too fast and im not ready to get back to work (but i do miss my work peeps!). its a bit overwhelming thinking about all of the things that will need to get done in the mornings before i leave (and i dont have a typical 9-5 job, so that makes it more difficult). i cant even imagine if/when i will run before work anymore just due to time and all that would need to be done. i dont know why im bothering to even worry about it yet but these are things im thinking about. im enjoying going out for short runs after tyler gets home from work, so maybe my early am runs wont even be a concern anymore.

if you dont take full advantage of doing things like this to your children
are you even a mother? 

and some days i make grilled cheese with whatevers left #momlife

hows henry doing?
still being a super awesome big brother. he enjoys reading to her at night, helping put her to bed, and is always curious about her eating. he still wont change diapers though... we'll keep working on that haha

early morning bed buddies

how are duke and chips?
duke ended up having an extended staycation at grandma and papa's house this week due to some car troubles... he also wasnt pooping for a few days but that has seemed to fix itself now (where he lacked in that department henry and eleanor surely made up for it here!). chips is actually acting quite odd lately... sleeping in weird places (she used to sleep with me on the bed, now she is on different stairs, in a box under the stairs that holds winter hats, on the kitchen rug...). she also wants to be on someones lap non stop, which isnt really like her. i think she is just feeling left out maybe.

hows daddy doing?
he says he is in disbelief that its been 4 weeks already (i think we all feel that way)