50 in 2011


1. get married (1/1/11!!)
2. run at least 1 mile a week. no more 0 mile weeks. thats just dumb.
3. make a photo calendar (2/21/11)
4. no fried food for an entire month. that means no french fries. booooo (november)
5. donate to a charity every month
6. go to a restaurant by myself- burger king counts, right?
7. complete my new years resolution “365 project”

8. read 6 new books (1. "something borrowed" by emily giffin, 2. "nanny returns" by emma mclaughlin & nicola kraus, 3. "the girl with the dragon tattoo" by stieg larsson, 4. "the girl who played with fire" by stieg larsson, 5. "the girl who kicked the hornets nest" by stieg larsson, 6. "something blue" by emily giffin, 7. "hunger games" by suzanne collins, 8. "catching fire" by suzanne collins, 9. "mockingjay" by suzanne collins, 10. "the pact" by jodi picoult, 11. "down river" by john hart, 12. "house rules"by jodi picoult, 13. "the help" by kathryn stockett, 14. "harry potter and the prizoner of azkaban" by j k rowling, 15. "harry potter and the goblet of fire" by j k rowling)
9. write a letter to myself on the morning of january 1st and open it on january 1st 2012
10. pay off one credit card- december 15th!
11. make my own sushi
12. write down when earth day is so i remember to plant before mentioned tree- april 2

13. send my mom flowers- november 28th
14. take cute cheesy fun photo booth pictures with ty- december 29th!
15. try/do something ive never had/done before- grouper, vodka/tonic, parasailing, make sushi, gin & tonic
16. try 5 new restaurants (1. davids, 2. hooters, 3. hog heaven, 4. fajita grill, 5. seasons grille, 6. frog & turtle, 7. buffalo wild wings)
17. send a handwritten letter/card to someone once a month
18. try to like a different activia yogurt flavor other than strawberry, vanilla bean, yummy!!

19. run a marathon (just cuz ive done it before doesnt mean i dont want to do it again... a few times)- october 2- 4:18:03, october 16- 4:28:38
20. finish the blanket i started crocheting two years ago (april... and she loved it)
21. learn how to make tys favorite food: chicken lasagna
22. watch the sunrise and sunset in the same day
23. try to eat a damn vegetable other than potato (in the form of fried, with ranch)
24. watch 10 movies ive never seen before (1. the social network, 2. shrek- the final chapter, 3. the girl with the dragon tattoo, 4. despicable me, 5. the kids are all right, 6. the kings speech, 7. the bounty hunter, 8. stepford wives, 9. no strings attached, 10. how do you know?, 11. true grit, 12. splice, 13. just go with it, 14. harry potter and the chamber of secrets, 15. harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban, 16. harry potter and the goblet of fire, 17. horrible bosses 18. super 8, 19. crazy.stupid.love)
25. write down everything i eat for one week- i started it and realized i didnt care enough to continue

26. for every task complete put $10 in my savings account
27. bake a homemade pie- apple butter pumpkin pie & apple pie- success!
28. force (literally drag) ty to take me to gray animal farm. this will happen this year- it finally happened!!! and i LOVED it and saw my first live moose!
29. back up all my photos from my computer
30. take out $X one sunday and only use cash for a week/no debit card
31. send a random gift to someone "just because" (june)
32. take a week off of coffee

well, we cant win them all... (things i didnt complete)

- donate blood. twice. and not just for the free coffee (unable to do because i traveled out of the country for our honeymoon. win or fail?)

- complete a triathlon. like an official one, not just on my own (side note: the one i originally wanted to do in september has changed to an open water swim. NO THANK YOU. officially signed up for a real one (in a pool) next year... danielle = wimp) (may 2012)
- find out my blood type (i found out when we had henry, now i forget)
- apply to be on big brother (application done. applying... not so much)
- plant a tree on earth day
- get one of my best friends from the starting line to the finish line of her first 26.2 (shes now done 5. so proud)
- train a puppy?- trained a kitty instead (puppy came along in 2012)
- take ty to st. louis (2012)
- see a 3D movie
- vote (i do.)
- go apple picking (2013)
- go to a shooting range, and learn how to shoot a gun
- complete all 90 days p90x (never)
- get a pedicure when i get all my toenails back- no can do. # of toenails gone: 2
- finish the harry potter series (update: on book 5) (2013 update... still on book 5. FAIL.)