Friday, December 30, 2011

fun fact friday- 2011 recap edition


1. we had a wedding

2. our DJ showed up late. looked like crap. didnt bring his 2nd man (who we paid for). he suddenly disappeared part of the way through the reception.
my husband found him sleeping in his car. he told us he would give us all our money back. he still owes us $200. when we last emailed him for the remainder of what he owed us,
HE told US to go fuck OURSELVES.
his name is Joe Lerman. he works for 107.5 frank FM. do NOT use him as your DJ.

3. we went on a honeymoon to the dominican republic
4. i drank a LOT of pina coladas. for breakfast.

5. on jan 1st i started my 365 project


7. 365 project continued


8. i had a slightly different scary adventures in babysitting


9. the hunting continued, and we found THE house

10. i tried a pickle. gross.

11. i joined lovely ladies on boylston for some 26.2 cheering

12. we had a roof top party to celebrate sub 3 for sam

13. katie and i drank. at 10am.

14. kept taking photos...


15 . a friendly bet ensued (runners are funny people)

17. we bought our first home


18. we spent the majority of our time here

19. i spent the 4th of july with two of my faves on bustin island

20. can you guess?



22. i learned a great way to pack a lunch box

23. i finally got the sub 23 5k


24. i ran my 4th marathon in the pouring rain

25. and 2 weeks later i ran my 5th marathon,
making me a marathon maniac

26. more. photos.


27. remember that friendly little bet? well i won :)

28. and this chica came to visit and we invaded llbean, at midnight, intoxicated.

29. we brought this little girl home with us
30. and then we brought this home with us.


31. this happened

32. we got this for a xmas gift. perfect.

33. and for the 3rd year in a row, i completed my new years resolution.

**please note**
that is NOT my ultrasound. danielle = really really NOT pregnant

2011 was filled with the highest of highs, and the lowest of lows.
but it was full of friends, family, and love all around.