Thursday, October 29, 2009

a blog with a purpose!

for the potential 3 people out there who may ever read this, you will be excited to learn that this blog now has a purpose!!! (i mean, im cool... somewhat attractive... most often a fun loving person to be around, so really does it need a purpose?! yes, yes it needs a purpose. even i have my moments. this blog could get really random real quick).

so what is the decided purpose? documentation of my NEW YEARS RESOLUTION 2010:

you ready for this?

im gonna run (at least) one road race each month! and then im gonna write all about it, complete with posts, pics, and tweets (oh yeah, i tweet while i run. id like to think im quite multi-talented)

so here is the breakdown of the official races- (with a few rough estimate dates based on 2009)

  • january 10th- scarborough frozen 5k

  • february 7th- midwinter classic 10 miler (fun fact: this is superbowl sunday. i do this race ever year, and yes, i really only do it so i can eat as many chips/dips/chicken wings/beer as i so desire on that day)

  • march 13th- irish road rover 5k

  • april 4th- great bay, nh half marathon

  • may 16th- sugarloaf marathon

  • june 19th- close to the coast 10k

  • july 4th- llbean 10k

  • august 7th- beach 2 beacon 10k

  • september 17-18th- Reach the Beach 200 mile relay

  • october 10th- chicago marathon

  • november 21st-turkey trot 5k

  • december 5th- jingle bell 5k run
so there you have it. 127+ miles, not including any extra races i may throw myself into and the endless miles of training. im even having a tshirt made up from (ETA december 24th... a post will come later with pics, i promise) which i will wear for all 12 races. i had thought about (*gasp) being a bandit (just showing up on race day, not paying the entry fee) for a few (ok probably more than a few) of these races, and then realized it would be much more fun to have the race numbers, know my official times (any PRs? lets hope so!), and maybe add a few medals to my current collection. and since the boy and i are not planning a wedding for 2010, i figure i have some time and money i can spend :-) (xoxo love you ty!)

so for all who care to follow along, sit back and enjoy the ride. its bound to get pretty hardcore.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

running? i dont think so...

if someone had told me back in high school that i would ever love running, i would have fallen over cuz i would be laughing so hard. sure i played soccer and basketball, but the most we ever had to run was 2.5 miles in under 25 minutes to make the varsity team so i dealt with that. college basketball was a bit different with 5am track workouts and a few 3 or 4 mile runs here and there. again, able to deal with that (although i complained, a lot).

fast forward to fall of my senior year. Elmira College put on a "Pumpkin Run 5k", and because the students on campus were so into campus activities, about 6 people showed up. i was one of them. and guess what happened?!

im sure my time was something a turtle could keep pace with, but still, I WON! im not going to say this was any sort of turning point in my life, but soon after i came up with a plan. i told one of my friends "i think ill run a marathon some day". 30 became the magic number. i was 22 at the time. i thought 30 was forever and a day away.

i took "jogging" for the last 6 weeks of college (third term as it was called). yes, the class was called "jogging" and yes you paid money for the credits. fun fact: the syllabus even said you could walk. sweet! sign me up. so pretty much my lovely step father paid about $100/credit hour for me to walk/jog the streets of new york most likely hungover three mornings a week to end my college career (my other class was CPR. dont you wish you went to school there too?! ridiculous).

the rest, i guess you can say, is history...

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

and it begins...

so here i am... not sure exactly why right now, but maybe as we move along here ill figure something out. hows that?!

lets get all the boring stuff out of the way first....
~born in chesterfield, missouri on november 28th 1980
~i have twin brothers (fun fact: mom found out she was having twins only five hours before they were born. i cried cuz i thought we had to give one back)
~my family moved to maine in 1986. i left my best friend behind (who has a best friend at the age of 5? i do.) i cried (cuz thats what i do, youll start to see a trend)
~parents were divorced before i was 12 and my dad moved to florida on my 13th bday. i didnt love it.
~graduated from high school in 1999. graduated from college in 2003. graduated from another college in 2009. i like school apparently. ive got big plans too, stay tuned.
~moved to phoenix, arizona all by myself in 2004. i moved back to maine 5 months later. "spring break" as it has come to be called.
~the red sox won the world series in 2004 and 2007. just had to throw that in there incase people forgot.
~dad moved back from florida last year. i still see him about as often as i did when he was gone.
~step dad got cancer last year. "hairy cell leukemia" they said. currently he is in remission.
~i run. youll learn much much more about that later.
~i am a respiratory therapist.
~i am a uniquely complicated human being. arent we all?

other random facts you must be dying to know...
~i listen to country music
~i sing while driving. always.
~i still have a childhood blankie that lives in my pillowcase
~i am right handed but feel i have the creativity of a lefty
~ive had my heart broken two times but ive only broken one
~i like my eggs sunny side up
~i dont particularly care for uppercase or punctuation
~i have the most ridiculous obsession with hooded sweatshirt strings
~i prefer the window seat
~when i was a kid the only thing i could make with playdo was a snake or worm
~i heart march madness
~i hate flying
~ive ordered items from infomercials
~i wet my toothbrush before putting the toothpaste on
~i gave up eating potato chips for 2009. so far so good.
~i am definitely addicted to coffee
~it is a rare day when i have any cash on me
~my cars name is thomas