Tuesday, February 26, 2013

28 weeks

how far along? 28 weeks and a few days... im getting kinda bad at this blogging thing
total weight gain: ill find out friday. still hoping to keep total weight gain under 35
babys size/development this week: another arbitrary form of food... a chinese cabbage?! which would be...?? baby weighs about 2 1/4 pounds, and measures 14.8 inches from head to toe. baby can blink and has eyelashes. the lungs can breathe and the brain can control the breathing (love). 
maternity clothes: i bought a few new tops to bring on our trip and a pair of capri pants (that ultimately gave me a nice allergic reaction. yay.) 
sleep: still sleeping thru the night. i think ty is having sympathy sleep cuz hes up at least once if not twice every night. good prep for the upcoming months! 
miss anything? running more (without feeling like i have to pee), being able to stand up/walk around without feeling like i have to pee, laughing without feeling like i have to pee... you get the idea
movement? still all the time, except when i tell someone to feel it kicking. then it stops haha.
food cravings? im on a big fruit kick right now (no oreos!)
anything making you queasy or sick? still nothing, although the plane ride wasn't great (just felt kinda woosy and weird feeling)
best moment of the week: we had fun running the gasparilla 5k in tampa with jared, krystle, rachel and brayden on saturday. (race recap to come)
weird pregnancy thing of the week: after putting a different kind of lotion on my stomach and then putting on a new pair of maternity capris, i broke out in a bad rash that is driving me nuts. sooooo itchy.
nursery: still looks like a bomb went off in there
wedding rings on or off? on
mood: overall ok, minus being slightly more uncomfortable each day
daddy is feeling: "good". so creative this week.
workouts this week: walked a little bit, ran the 5k... not a great week for workouts.
looking forward to: more like not looking forward to going back to snow and cold. 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

27 weeks

how far along? 27 weeks + a few days
total weight gain: lets just say last weeks give up oreos turned into give up oreos by them self... which led to...
babys size/development this week: a head of cauliflower... or 2.5 pints of cookies and cream ice cream. baby is about 2 pounds and 14 inches long.
maternity clothes: in a weird turn of events all my clothes are all suddenly fitting perfectly (i wish). mom got me a few new tops and some shorts for florida and i might buy one or two more tops today. nothing seems to be comfortable. work clothes are getting unbearable as well... my scrubs are too small, the ones i bought are too big... oof. 
sleep: still enjoying a restful nights sleep
miss anything? despite above mentioned restful nights sleep, i cant sleep in past 630. im sure thats late for some people (even me most days) but its annoying (and yes, im fully aware i shouldnt be complaining about the sleep i am getting, see ya later sleep in a few weeks/months...for the rest of my life). i was never one to sleep til 10 or anything but id just like to stay in bed til 8 some days (probably doesnt help i go to bed at 745pm haha). i miss being able to get out of bed/switch from sleeping on my left side to my right side without grunting and getting winded. and getting in and out of the bathroom in less than 5 minutes would be nice (its a process and is bound to just get worse im sure)
movement? definitely had the hiccups yesterday... all. damn. day. tried to get my mom and brother to be able to feel the kicking on sunday but hank did not feel like cooperating.
food cravings? ICE CREAM! must eat all the ice cream! and lucky for me my lovely husband brought me and my co worker some to work yesterday
mmmmm oreos AND m&ms. ugh.

anything making you queasy or sick? not really, but i will say some of the smells in the intensive care yesterday werent my favorite this week. i am very thankful for not getting queasy from the things my job requires me to do sometimes (any nurse/respiratory therapist will understand)
best moment of the week: the lack of snow. ha.
weird pregnancy thing of the week: sure, ill add a new category... although this is all kinda weird/new to me... my belly button ring (which im sure will need to come out sometime soon) has migrated off center. weird.

name ideas: megan :) (can you tell i had some help with this late post?) i am really in love with the names we have picked out though
nursery: i tackled the closet this past week... lots of junk in there (that is now just sitting on the floor, but at least its out of the closet!) also added a new shelf...



(still thinking of adding a paint color in there. i think its too plain)

and then i found this...

this is my new bed, right mom?
wedding rings on or off? on
mood: actually pretty good this week
baby shower invite ideas: narrowed it down to three i think... help?

daddy is feeling: "ready for this damn vacation" (this is supposed to be about the baby)... "really looking forward to next fridays appointment" (is that sarcastic?) "no i like the ultrasounds" (i think thats genuine)
workouts this week: not a lot... but i was able to convince sarah to climb out of bed on her day off to come  hang out with me before i went to work! (15 miles biking, 8.5 miles walking, 2.1 miles elliptical, 2.5 miles running. oops)
looking forward to: leaving for florida on friday, running (ha) a 5k in tampa on saturday, red sox spring training game next week!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

26 weeks/nemo

im sure everyone knows by now that new england had one hell of a winter storm this weekend. not quite sure when/why they started naming snow storms... i mean, really? its winter, this shit happens... but alas, nemo came and left in a span of over 24 hours, leaving behind 30+ inches of snow on our previously brown lawn (all of the previous storms snow had melted last week).

the town next to ours (gorham) recorded 35.5" of snow, portland just about 31". i dont remember a time when we had this much snow in one storm. the storm wasnt supposed to start until the afternoon on friday, but when we woke up friday morning there was already almost 2 inches on the ground. the "storm before the storm" i suppose. awesome. i went to bed early friday night knowing we would need to get up early to try to shovel our way out so i could get to work (hospitals dont close ya know). shortly before 5am saturday ty and i were up... only to discover our street hadnt been plowed. we were pretty screwed.

duke wasnt so sure why we wouldnt open the back door for him

just let him out there guys, he'll be ok

ty did his best to shovel out the end of the driveway, but when we got in the truck to try to head off to work, the truck got stuck halfway in the driveway/halfway in the street. 4 wheel drive did nothing to help. couldnt drive forward, and then when he tried to back up into the driveway, the wheels just spun and spun. that was fun.

our neighbors car/driveway

about 8am the plow finally came down our street, and then ty had to dig out the nice pile that was left at the end of our driveway.
so impressed

it took us almost 10 minutes to get to the highway (a 2ish mile drive), wind gusts were up in the 40mph range and the drifts on the road made visibility horrendous. when we got to the highway entrance we found all three lanes had a red light. we both looked at each other and said "huh?" something we had never seen before. two cars were parked on the side of the road and we asked them what was going on and they told us the highway entrance was closed. so we headed out to the airport/mall area to see if we could get on at that entrance... same thing. reports on the news were saying that even the highway had zero visibility so we knew the side roads down to my work wouldnt be much better, so we turned around and went home. it sucked that i had to call out and leave my co workers there but it just didnt seem safe to try to make the 20 mile drive in these conditions.

the snow seemed to end sometime in the afternoon, but the wind kept blowing all the snow around. its a shame i couldnt help ty shovel (hehe, im so sad, cant you tell?) but he was a trooper (and is now laid out on the couch with a bottle of advil and a heating pack, poor guy). so this is it, right? im starting to think that dumb groundhog is a sneaky little liar. come on spring!

how far along? 26 weeks
total weight gain: yeah that whole "no more oreos" thing isnt going so well... lets just say i havent had to buy bigger maternity clothes yet (i really in need of a good workout though)
babys size/development this week: an english hothouse cucumber? who comes up with these things?! (the size of a head of lettuce from another site)
maternity clothes: nothing new, but i need to get a few things next week for our trip to florida!
sleep: im sleeping great actually... once my head hits the pillow i am OUT! and i dont wake up until my alarm goes off (or chips starts jumping around my head whipping her tail in my face). im feeling very lucky after reading a lot of other women around this time getting up multiple times to pee. i apparently either dont drink enough water during the day or just pee enough times that i dont have to in the night.
miss anything? nothing new that i havent already been missing... running, my normal clothes, not being winded walking up one flight of stairs (and omg dont get me started on why i even attempted the stairmaster at the gym the other day... exercise.machine.of.DEATH! after 30 seconds i was dyyyyying. but somehow managed to make it 10 whole minutes.)
movement? this not so little one is quite active all the time. ty got to feel it switch positions the other day... his face was priceless (he had only felt kicks so far). its definitely an indescribable feeling. my newest enjoyment is putting my cell phone or the remote on my belly and watching it move. crazy!
food cravings? bacon/egg/cheese/avacado on english muffins. mmmm. (im craving them but have so far only had one. and it was just kinda meh. looked better in the picture on pinterest.... which is the absolute worst site when youre pregnant, trust me. i want to eat all the things and pretty much redesign our entire house in the next 3 months. ty is continuously rolling his eyes when im all "so i have this idea we should do...")
anything making you queasy or sick? nope
best moment of the week: beating ty in our snow day scrabble tournament haha
name ideas: nemo? jk.
nursery: i cleaned out the closet this am (had a whole bunch of junk in there... that is now just sitting in the nursery waiting to be gone through.... i should just throw it all out, i have no idea whats in all the boxes anyway!) im thinking of painting the inside of the closet and/or getting some more shelves put in for storage. gotta go check out home depot or lowes today or tomorrow.
wedding rings on or off? on
mood: i just feel kinda sluggish and my workouts sucked this week
daddy is feeling: after all of the shoveling yesterday/today, daddy is tired and sore! he claims he is excited for the kid to come along so that he can put them to work
workouts this week: laaaame... 2.5 miles running (ugh), 18 miles biking, 3.5 miles walking, 10 minutes on the stairmaster of death

Monday, February 4, 2013

25 weeks

how far along? 25 weeks 1 day
total weight gain: 20 pounds. anyone know a good pregancy diet? (we can probably start with no more oreos...)
babys size/development this week: "an average rutabaga". what? ive never seen a rutabaga, let alone know what one is. another website says eggplant, thats better. we were told last week at the ultrasound that the baby weighs 1 lb 9 oz, the head is 6 cm and is still in the 55th percentile. i also passed my gestational diabetes test (which i oddly loved the orange glucose drink, go figure).
maternity clothes: got new running capris and a new tank top for florida
sleep: still feeling good. my back is killing me though (more so at bed time) and i usually fall asleep with a heating pad on 
miss anything? running. my favorite jeans. all my hoodies. 
movement? so much movement all the time still. we started playing some instrumental music before bed and the piano and violin make the baby twist and turn. as much as it kinda creeped me out at first, it really makes me sad for people who are not able to experience this.
food cravings? nothing new. sorry folks, still no pickles.
anything making you queasy or sick? luckily no... especially after work on saturday. lots of blood (doesnt usually make me queasy anyway but im lucky i still felt ok). oh, and this... (thanks michelle)

best moment of the week: got to see lots of friends at the race and felt great on my run yesterday.  
name ideas: i decided it was kinda silly that we werent telling people what the names were that we had picked out... they are nothing weird, different, obscure, and i dont care if people think they are stupid or if they have a story about why we shouldnt name them what we picked out.. so i asked ty if we could tell people and he said no. i said "is this payback for me not wanting to find out the sex of the baby?" and he said "yup." haha, sorry! 
nursery: nothing new, but i still love my rocker. currently searching etsy for wall decals (i reaaaalllly want something like this one but $85? really?
wedding rings on or off? on
mood: feeling good overall
daddy is feeling: he now thinks that were having a boy and has decided its funny to tell me its going to weigh over 10 pounds.
workouts this week: 19.1 miles biking, 9.35 miles running, 7.5 miles walking

the day in which we didnt run the race

yesterday while everyone we knew ran the mid winter classic 10 miler in cape elizabeth, sarah and i enjoyed 4.25 miles, hanging out with my mom talking about girl scout cookies and waddling, cheering, swearing, complaining, and eating muffins/elephant ears.

ive run this race 7 times... well, kinda. last year i couldnt make the race because i was going to be out of town for my grandmas funeral. but that didnt stop me from taking on the course a few days early! and for a PR. win.

2012 1:19:12 in which i ran alone, three days before the actual race

in 2011 we got a snow storm on the day before the race... which resulted in them postponing the race for two weeks later due to high snow banks and potential uncleared roads. the next day it was almost 50 degrees and beautiful. the day before the rescheduled race day we had another storm... race got cancelled. i decided to do the race anyway... kinda.

2011 1:22:53 in which i ran alone, on the treadmill (race officials told people they were not allowed to run on the roads of the course. um... public roads? whatever)

2010 1:26:08 in which i cried (see previous years time)

2009 1:26:08- i had stopped drinking beer for my new years resolution... until this race. sarah came and spectated (i think this was the first race she had specated!) and then i drank a lot more beer and we watched the superbowl halftime in 3D. and my outfit was clearly fabulous.

2008 1:31:20- another stellar running outfit. pats lost.

2007 1:31:00 so. freaking. cold. i think i had on about 17 layers.

2006 1:33:13 - no pics... i had gone up to the school to get my bib and shirt, went home and got back into bed for about a half hour, then got back out of bed and went to the race. clearly i was really into it.

so yesterday i picked up sarah at 8am (who hadnt eaten anything and had in fact just rolled out of bed) so that we wouldnt miss the 9am race start time. come to find out once we got there, the race didnt start til 9:45. oops. luckily we knew everyone running so we hung out talking with a bunch of friends until it was race time.

me and michelle

sarah and me

apparently jen wanted to give me a pep talk before she raced haha

sarah and i headed out towards the start to cheer everyone on before we got breakfast and went for a run ourselves. suddenly eric and sara came running up behind us (they had used today for a last marathon training long run and did the course once before the race started)... needless to say, in true sara fashion, they were late. sara had to get their race bibs from the car and as she was heading to the start, the gun went off and the lead police car was headed out onto the course. i expect no less haha.

a wave of 600+ neon crazies ran by, we only recognized jill and her awesome running skirt, and then we headed to IGA for breakfast. we ran a mile to my parents house (8:45!), hung out with my mom for a few minutes, then ran the course for about a mile and a half to cheer for a few minutes. we saw a few friends come through, then headed back to the finish. sarah told me i wasnt allowed to walk the last hill, and we powered thru it with the last mile being 9:12. i dont know what it is about the dumb treadmill but i feel so much better running outside. ill take what i can get at this point!

this is surely the race people love to hate/hate to love, but it seemed like everyone had great runs despite the cold and the wind. maybe ill be back again next year!