Friday, May 28, 2010

fun fact friday

ff 18: im so seriously addicted to coffee. i drink it black with one sugar/splenda/truvia, whichever is available.

ff 19: ty and i play scrabble like were training to win some “couples who play the most scrabble” award

ff 20: i own more flip flops/baseball caps/t shirts than anyone really ever should be allowed to own

ff 21: i really really really want to buy a new pair of sneakers (this feeling comes after every race). almost went and bought a new pair last week after sugarloaf, then i remembered that when i signed up for my 4th of july race i won a new pair of new balance. win! (but i still have to wait another month for them)

ff 22: 22 is my favorite number! you already know that if you read the post below, but i thought i would just throw that in here again since its awesome.

ff 23: the number of times matt lauer says “exclusive” on the today show gives me a headache. seriously, find a new word.

ff 24: my parents have one of the cutest dogs ever. his name is bofus (don’t ask, cuz to be honest I have no idea…). he acts kinda girly sometimes, so i call him bofus marie.

ff 25: i refuse to go into the apple store and play with the ipad.

ff 26: i obsessively creep heart so many blogs. like im talking close to 50. i should probably get a life at some point here. ive read just a few in full (operation jack, sarahs running adventures, chic runner, and jerbear shares)

ff 27: when i was 3 years old my mom made a huge pot of french onion soup in the oven. she had it on top of the stove to cool. i climbed up on the counter to get a sippie cup and slipped. im sure you can imagine the outcome. before calling 911 my mom spread butter all over my burns, which in turn cooked into my skin. i have one scar. somewhat impressive. go mom. (note for all you future moms out there: dont use butter on burns).

ff 28: i own all ten seasons of friends, the first 3 seasons of the OC (it sucked after that), all 5 seasons of greys anatomy (6 should come out soon, although i only watched the first and last episode this season), and all 4 seasons of felicity on dvd.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


22 has always been my favorite number. i dont think there was ever a real reason why i picked it way back in the day, but its been my number on all sports teams ive played on since i can remember. i would get really angry when i wouldnt get the jersey (ok that actually only happened twice).

22 is the atomic number for titanium.

some famous athletes who have worn #22 include emmitt smith, roger clemens, clyde drexler, and john salley. mark ingram wore #22 for alabama and won the heisman trophy in 2009 (he was the 1st ever heisman winner for the crimson tide, and he received this award the year his team won the schools 22nd SEC title). sarah palin wore #22 in high school, but i doubt anyone really cares.

and sarah and cbrock will LOVE this little fact... in lacrosse, #22 is given yearly to the most anticipated player on the syracuse lax team! casey powell... mike powell... ryan powell.... mmmmm.

in the jay-z song "22 twos" he rhymes the words to, too, and two 22 times in the first verse.

see, such a great number.


i hope to someday run a 5k in 22 minutes (and probably 59 seconds, since thats real fast and my short legs dont often move that quickly). and i have taken (and will continue to take) a pic of the mile 22 marker from my marathons:

today just so happens to be 222 days until our wedding day, so i thought i would ramble on about the number 22 and other such wedding things, since i know you all are so interested. and i think we just happen to be a pretty darn cute couple, so im gonna throw in a bunch of pics for your viewing pleasure.

the day we went to get our engagement photos taken it was about 9degrees (im not kidding, sweet planning). these two pics were two of the only good ones that really came out, so i photoshopped them together and voila. our save the date! (another fun fact- this is the only pic where ty is actually holding his poster the right way. we have about 10 pics where it says 11-1-1. awesome).
(just incase you thought i was kidding....)

our table numbers are going to be numbered, and on each table will be a picture of us when we were the age of that table... here is an example for table 4 (we were 4 years old). we can only go up to 27 tables though, since hes just a young one (ill be *cough cough* 30).

this is what my maid of honor, cassie (best friend since like birth) will be wearing-

and i havent yet decided but my bridesmaids (we have 7, yeah....) will be wearing either this-

or this-

i have actually already gotten my dress (from a wedding consignment shop, for those of you wondering. apparently there are women out there... they're called crazy people... who buy more than one dress cuz "they cant decide".... so there are many dresses at this place that have never been worn before and the prices are slashed. yes please!). i will not be posting the pic on here because ty occasionally opens the site and browses through the pics. youll just have to wait another 222 days (well maybe like 230 something. i might go on the honeymoon before i get around to blogging. or not. you know how i am).

for whatever reason, im trusting ty to make a decision on the tuxedos. im hoping to walk down the aisle and look ahead to him looking like this:

but you know he will probably show up wearing something more like this:

im growing my hair out (and its annoying the ever loving heck out of me!) in hopes i can get it to look something along the lines of this:

im still in the process of trying to convince ty to have all the guys wear these (shouldnt be too difficult, he loves argyle more than anyone i know)
our DJ's will be two local radio station djs from this area, 101.9WPOR's Joe Lerman and Q97.9's Rob Steele. they put on quite a show for tylers cousins wedding, so we thought we'd let them rock out our wedding. and they enjoy crown royal and wild turkey, so you know things are bound to get craaaazy.

we decided that we didnt really want to go with the standard "guest book" at the reception. really, who is going to want to sit down in our living room and open up a book on our coffee table with a bunch of signatures on it. not even i would be interested in doing that. we also werent keen on the idea of having a photo with the matted frame with notes written around it. that might hang on our wall for a year. then what?

so we (i keep saying we... you all know who comes up with most of the ideas) decided it would be unique to gather up some stones and a few sand dollars (might have to buy a few of those, not a difficult task when living in maine) and have people write names or small notes on those. then they can place them into tall glass vases we will provide... of which can be a decorative addition to an entry way or dining room in the house we will hopefully get shortly after the wedding. it would look sort of like this....

(minus all the references to the word "rock".... i hope)

we have most of our songs picked out... ya know, first dance, father daughter, etc. not gonna share those either, but i will put this one on here for your listening enjoyment, since i love love love this song. this will be our bridal party reception entrance song- (im not all too sure why half of the screen is cut off. sorry).

and now, as promised, here are a few lovely pics of the two of us. love.this.boy.

Friday, May 21, 2010

fun fact friday- rants, recipes, and run safety

how is it already friday? and why does time warner cable suck so bad? two very valid questions (for anyone that lives in maine or wherever they are lucky enough to really only have the choice beween time warner cable and digital, you will understand my utter disappointment with this service. we spend an ungodly amount of money only to have most of the channels not work at random times and i hate the new layout....) ok. end of that rant.

and onto the next one (this is the type of mood im in right now, dont worry, im having a beer hoping it will help)- anyone watch this weeks episode of biggest loser? ugh. i used to be a huge bob and jillian fan. not.any.more. long story short, the final four contestants had to run a marathon on the show and were still expected to lose weight while they were training for it. and then bob showed his disappointment in daris for gaining 2 pounds while doing so. this is the first season i have watched biggest loser from start to finish, and im not afraid to admit that i spent almost every tuesday (sometimes wednesdays if i had to tape it) crying over the great accomplishments each contestant made. but this recent episode made me so angry.

for anyone who has trained for any sort of race, you know it takes a lot of dedication and a diet modification. losing weight, however, is not to be expected. if you are not maintaining a healthy weight with adequate calories you are bound to get hurt. wouldnt you think a "reality" show about "healthy" weightloss would know that? im a real daris supporter and i feel bad for how bob treated him at the end of the weigh in. and then we see that daris had an emotional breakdown and had late night cravings... of course he did! he was training for a marathon and starving himself! there is a lot of activity on twitter and blogs from trainers and runners who are all on the same page. (two good ones- Sarah Stanley and Lonnie). k, done with that one too.

fun fact #16: this is my favorite power shake, found from Oxygen Magazine, March 2010. mmmmm yummy.

mocha muscle shake
(makes 2 servings)

ice cubes
1 cup soy milk (or i like to use almond milk)
1/3 cup brewed coffee
1 tbsp peanut butter
1 banana
1 scoop chocolate flavored whey protein powder

put all ingredients into a blender and process until smooth! easy? i think so... and soooo tasty.
(nutrients per serving: 200 calories, 7g total fat, 1g sat.fat, 0g trans fat, 0mg cholesterol, 260mg sodium, 18g total carb, 3g dietary fiber, 9g sugar, 18g protein, 1mg iron)

fun fact #17: i got my Road ID today!! being a runner as well as working in an emergency room i feel its very important for people to be able to know at least your name if you are ever out running and something happens to you. you never know (even in a race!!). i got the shoe strap and put my name, birthday, town, tylers phone number, and my parents phone number. the shoe strap comes in black, blue, and red. there is also a bracelet option that comes in 6 different colors (including pink!! shown below). prices start at $19.99. please feel free to contact me if you would like a coupon for $1 off!

happy friday and happy running! stay hc.

Monday, May 17, 2010

sugarloaf marathon

i could probably write an entire post about how much the night before the marathon sucked but i wont bore you with all the exact details (i also dont want to turn people away from wanting to do the sugarloaf marathon). im sure others had great experiences with the whole weekend, and if so, good for them.

our hotel room (aka bomb shelter) sucked, there was body hair all over the shower and floor in one of the bathrooms, ty didnt fit in the bed (although he is freakishly tall....), and we didnt get the "marathon" room rate (but it did come with a crock pot!?). the "race expo" consisted of a few tables of free trade products. no race shirts, sweatshirts, shoes, or marathon/racing products of any kind. our dinner (double diamond steakhouse) took over an hour and 25 minutes to arrive due to only having one chef- marathon weekend planning fail (during this time tyler drank 3 crown on the rocks and we plowed through 4 loaves of bread). the athletic center and hot tub we apparently had access to closed down early without any prior warning. and to top it all, the super awesome sugarloaf 26.2 stickers we all thought we were going to get in our race packet (or at least have for sale) stopped being made two years ago. we got sugarloaf golf stickers instead. this whole experience gets one huge fat FAIL.

proof? you got it.

(and seeing this pic now... liquor total $21? im pretty sure 6.25 x 3 = $18.75. apparently this restaurant thinks ginger ale is liquor. bad news for the pregnant lady, since she was the one drinking it. bad sarah, bad!)

this was really the only cool thing about our room.

so if youre planning to run sugarloaf next year, make your reservations early (to get a room in the actual sugarloaf inn, at the marathon rate) and either bring your own food or spend the money to attend the all you can eat spaghetti dinner. alright, enough of that.

THIS MARATHON ROCKED!!! end of story.

ok, just kidding.

after dinner and hanging out with everyone in melissa's super sweet room at the inn (where ty fit in the comfy beds and she paid almost $50 less than we did), we went back to our shelter and watched the sox game. i got into bed at 11:11 and i couldnt fall asleep. i looked at the clock after some time and it read 12:22. i heard rain and wind outside shortly thereafter. i kept thinking i was going to sleep through my alarm (although we had 4 cell phone alarms and a dinky clock alarm set haha) and i was thinking about the race. (and with tyler taking up most of the bed, i mentally wrote an email in my head to sugarloaf about everything that sucked about our hotel experience. will be sending that one out soon....)

i must have fallen asleep for a little bit but woke up again at 3:15. i then fell asleep again until the alarms started going off. andrea and i got up about 4:30am, had some breakfast and got our stuff together (and she dropped some of her hair elastics in the toilet when we were getting ready haha). i had laid out everything i would need on sat night so i wouldnt forget anything... dont ever think you can just up and go run a marathon, it takes a lot of stuff! (and yes, the bud light is essential to running a marathon, obviously!)

after getting ourselves ready we headed over to the base lodge to meet up with everyone before leaving on the busses at 5:45. (they actually sent over one mini bus first, then came two more school busses. we didnt leave until after 6:00am).

first time marathoners, jenn and andrea

second time marathoners rebecca, melissa, and myself

i also decided to use my massive calves as an operation jack billboard... and a few people actually stopped me before, during, and after the race to ask about it. success! one woman told me she took a picture of it... because her friends name was jack. but maybe they will visit the site too? (and i just got word that Train 4 Autism would like to use this picture in their upcoming newsletter... woo hoo!!)

it was an awesome day for a race (albeit just a little hot, but ill take it over rain and wind and other junky weather any day). i think it was in the 40's when we started, maybe a little higher, and got to the mid 60's by the end. we also got a nice strong wind pushing us, which helped quite a bit and kept things cool in many places where the sun was shining bright. (but alas, wind doesnt keep you from getting sunburnt in places you forgot to put sunscreen. whoops).

we got to the starting line about a half hour before the starting time at 7am. the lines for the port-a-potties werent bad, and thank god they had them there because i only saw ONE along the course, and that was around mile 5. runners were ducking in and out of the woods all along the course, which is pretty unacceptable (especially with water stops every two miles!) the whole race was very scenic though, and i snapped a few photos with my phone during the first couple miles.

this sign was approximately 4 miles into the race, and the finish line was in kingfield. 22 is my favorite number which is really why i took the pic, but it also put the distance of the race into perspective.

since the race was out in the middle of nowhere maine/close to canada, there werent too many houses along the route, so spectators were few and far between. they did not close the road down, however, so people who had come up to see their friends and family run the marathon were able to drive from point to point and stop to cheer us all on. shaun and andy (rebecca and jenn's boys, respectively) were all over the course to help push us along, and i absolutely couldnt have done it without them. and after mile 12 tyler and my friend sarah did the same, and their support made all the difference (cowbells and all).

my first three miles were really great... mile 1 at 8:31, mile 2 at 17:29, mile 3 at 26:05. at the first mile i sent out a twitter update and text to my mom and a few friends: "1 mile down 25.2 to go!" my mom, who clearly has no clue how to text, sent me back this message "PP s spr t t tv". try figuring that one out!! haha. classic.

i had told ty i would probably be at the entrance to sugarloaf mountain around 9am but i ended up passing by right around 8:45. so i put my cell on speaker phone and gave him a call. they were just leaving the hotel, so i told him not to wait for me since i was cruisin :) i then called my mom and asked her to decipher her text. laughing hysterically, she admitted to not knowing how to use the cell phone (duh) and said she was trying to write something along the lines of "run run run!" love that woman.

the website for the marathon claimed the "last 16 miles are downhill". dont think they were kidding....

by mile ten i could feel a blister forming under my big toe, and it kept screaming at me over the next few miles. i got to 13.1 in exactly 2 hours, which is not my best half marathon time but pretty good for still having 13.1 more miles to go. (this race was interesting not having timing chips, but i started my watch when the gun went off at the beginning so it was nice to know exactly the time i would be getting when i got to each mile instead of having to guess how long it took me to cross the starting line... with only about 400 runners, it probably took about 3 seconds, but still nice). i knew if i could negative split the marathon (run the second half faster than the first) i would run sub 4 hours, but i didnt think i had it in me, and my knees agreed. although nothing was like the pain i felt in last years marathon, they still ached pretty good.

dont know where these pics were taken but i was still feelin pretty good up until about mile 20 (so we will say they were most likely somewhere before that). in the second pic you can almost see the impact on my legs from the downhill slope. quads are payin for that today.

i didnt necessarily hit a wall but i really began to fall apart close to the end. my camelbak was annoying me. i tried to eat my peanut butter sandwich and my mouth was so dry i just ended up spitting it out. no song on my ipod(s) was helping to pump me up. i wanted to stop and walk so bad. luckily shaun was at the top of a slight hill at mile 20 and screamed at me when i stopped to pet his dog bishop... "WHAT ARE YOU DOING??? THERE IS NO WALKING!!!" haha. thanks, shaun :)

here are two sweet pics that sarah took... first rebecca, then melissa. you both did absolutely amazing in this race!

i figured since i had a pic of mile 22 from my first marathon, i might as well take this one too.

just getting to mile 23 i looked at my watch and it said 3:39. it was about this point when i realized i wouldnt run sub 4hours (even in my wildest dreams i cannot run a 5k in under 20 minutes, especially after already running 23 miles). but alas, i started crying (not an uncommon thing for me). (and obviously as im writing this im tearing up... this has been one of the more difficult blog entries for me to write for so many reasons). but i wasnt crying because i wasnt going to come in under 4 hours.....

my friend melissa (pic of her above, bib #61) has put her heart and soul into training for this marathon for the past 4 plus months. she had a trainer, a heart rate monitor, a special diet, weeks where she logged 100 miles... all for one goal. that goal? to qualify for boston. not an uncommon goal for this marathon- sugarloaf has been noted to be one of the top 15 fastest marathons, and a lot of people are able to use this as a BQ race (despite no chip time... dont know how thats possible but whatever). melissa stood right on the starting line to make sure she didnt miss this by mere seconds.

i had seen ty and sarah at about 3hours and 20 minutes and told them to go on to the finish so they could see melissa finish. when i looked at my watch and saw 3:39, i started crying thinking of melissa. there was nothing more i wanted today than to have her cross that line in under 3:40:59. shes a tough cookie, and if anyone wanted it badly enough, it was her. i waited til 3:41 and texted tyler "did she do it?" a minute later i got back this text "youre doing great, keep it up". i texted him back "TELL ME". i got nothing in return. then i lost phone service. i started crying even more, and then realized i cant run, cry, and breathe at the same time. i stopped running, pulled my self back together, and then continued on hoping tyler just didnt have service at the finish line to text me back.

so i continued on, slowly but surely. and i was so happy to see this sign.

and i was even happier to see this sign, poster, and smiling face of sarah :) ty was there with her too, and had put on his running shoes so he could run the next .2 miles with me. (all together now.... "awwwwww") hehe

the second ty started running with me, i asked him about melissa. he told me she was just about 8 minutes shy of qualifying. clearly i started crying again. i guess he had texted me but since i didnt have service it never came through. i was probably better off not knowing this for the last three miles because i probably would have broken down. but i tell ya, that girl is super strong. and if anything, this is only going to push her even harder to qualify in october at the maine marathon. you WILL be at boston on your birthday next year, melissa. and you can bet we will all be there to cheer you on.

i was able to power through the finish line, and my official time was 4:15:25. can we say PR!?!?! i somehow managed to take a full minute off each mile (and then some) from last october and finish 27minutes and 48seconds faster. i was hoping for a PR during this race but really? im still pinching myself. i had made a bet with sam on saturday night... he said he would spot me an hour from what he gets in his marathon in cleveland on sunday. if i got under that time, he'd send me OJ shirt. if he won the bet, i buy one myself (which in turn helps support his cause, yay operation jack). needless to say this man is super fast, and ran 3:08. but hey, i was only off by 7 minutes or so :)

shortly after the race i ripped off my shoes and socks having remembered that rebecca had written something on my foot before the race started. from a message she wrote on a blog back in april:

"This story was told to me by a friend who's father (100% Greek) was told to him by his father (200% Greek). During war as warriors and paiges would march to battle- they would write something on their foot with wine, soot or vinegar. A problem that was plaguing their life, a hope to survive, something to pray for. As the word disappeared with every step- they left it behind-so that when they went to battle their heart was clean. when they survived they came home new and if they died they met God with a clear conscious.
I was told that Phiddipiedeas wrote “Peace” on his foot as he ran across Greece proclaiming that the war was over.
For my first marathon I asked my boyfriend to write my word for me. Something for me to either leave behind or fuel me through the miles. It was really neat to have something to think about other than "ow my hip hurts" for all those miles. After I crossed the finish line I stripped my sock and shoe to find the work "PASSION"."

and this is what mine said.... (please disregard the utter grossness of my feet. thanks)

although she claims she wrote it about me getting a PR, i blame her for the two newly formed blisters on that foot ;)

heres a pic of me and andrea at the finish line. so proud of her!!!

and i seriously heart this pic of jenn, rebecca, melissa, me, and andrea post 26.2. you know its a good day when everyone wears a smile!

so race #5 is now in the books, and a PR at that. i must also say the rock tape i used actually kept my legs feeling pretty good. left me with some pretty sweet tan lines though. fail.

recovery has been a zillion times better than last year. i even think im going to try to go for a little jog tomorrow before work (definitely didnt run for almost a week after the last marathon). was it my freakishly painful ice bath i took last night? or was it the fact i drank about 2 gallons of water as opposed to about a 12 pack of beer like last year.... you make the call. (and before you even ask, here are the answers: yes im crazy. yes the ice bath was painful, almost more painful than actually running the marathon. yes you get numb after a few minutes and dont feel much of anything after that. no i didnt get frostbite. three 5 lb bags of ice. maybe i might do it again. i wore shorts and a hooded sweatshirt and read a book for 20 minutes. end of ice bath question & answer session).

5 down. 7 to go.