Tuesday, December 28, 2010

operation jack 6.1mi satellite run

today is tuesday, and as of about 2 hours ago i am officially on a 2 week vacation! this year has been one huge whirl wind and it all come down to this weekend.... the big day! 1/1/11 will most definitely be a day to remember, but there was an extremely important happening this week (already! and its only tuesday!) that needs to be blogged about before we get to saturday.

this past sunday was the greatly anticipated operation jack 6.1 mile satellite run, organized by sam and run by many throughout the country and a few people around the world. sam finished his 61st marathon in california sunday morning while many others ran a 6.1 mile course in respective states to honor him.

sarah and i found sam via twitter the night before the boston marathon in april. i made him a poster cuz i thought what he was doing was pretty awesome. did we have any idea how involved we would get? nope. is it awesome that we got as involved as we did? yup.

sam probably told one of his bad jokes as this pic was being taken

fast forward 8 months, and we have a 19 degree morning on the coast of southern maine. while sam was in california getting prepared to run his 61st marathon of 2010, 16 people gathered in the parking lot of southern maine community college to set out to run 6.1 miles in honor of the accomplishments of sam, and what he has done for train4autism. it was cold and windy, but we all had an awesome time. i dont think maine had the coldest run, ashley apparently had 17 degrees. (yet another reason for her to move here! she'll see this weekend, since shes flying in to wedding crash.... im not holding my breath though).

sweet race registration hood

jen and dawn trying to smile and stay warm

sarah is PUMPED!

@mainerunnah really exists!

it was so cold out that my camera lens fogged up

off we go!

sarah still looks like shes enjoying this at mile 5.5!

elizabeth and monica coming around the corner

train4autism team maine (minus a few peeps that had to leave early)

train4autism maine chapter president sarah (left) and myself

thank you to everyone who ran with us in south portland on sunday (sarah, mark, christine, jim, dawn, elizabeth, misty, jen, sandra, monica, andy, brendan, eric, bj, melissa), and to all who ran/walked/supported sam/operationjack on sunday and throughout the year. please head over and read sam's race report HERE . train4autism. early detection. enough said.

incase you werent sure why he did what he did

sam finishing the marathon of all marthons in the most fitting fashion

Friday, December 17, 2010

i get by with a little help from my ipod

last years ipod post had some pretty good songs/lyrics (read post here). this year has certainly been a year unlike any other. as we near the end, i present you with 24 song lyrics from songs on this years playlists (in no particular order). enjoy.

"so raise your glass if you are wrong, in all the right ways"
"i like your beard"
"nothin to lose but everything to gain... reflecting now on how things could have been, it was worth it in the end"
"forever can never be long enough for me to feel like ive had long enough with you"
"we can dance until we die, you and i we'll be young forever"
"oh oh, what are you waitin for? say goodbye to my heart tonight"
"so many things id say if only i were able but i just keep quiet and count the cars that pass by"
"and in the end when life has got you down youve got someone here that you can wrap your arms around"
"once you want it to begin, no one really ever wins in heartbreak warfare"
"and all you are is all i need to know"
"i can be myself now finally in fact theres nothing i cant be, i want the world to see you'll be with me"
"i will stand as your light through your darkest unknown, i will walk with you so youre never alone"
"i want your everything as long as its free, i want your love"
"im lucky im in love with my best friend, lucky to have been were we have been"
"good girls gone bad, this city's filled with them"
"ive been roaming around always looking down at all i see"
"its like ive been awakened every rule i had you breakin, its the risk that im takin', i aint never gonna shut you out"
"breathe... just breathe, take the world off your shoulders put it on me, breathe... just breathe, let the life that you live be all that you need"
"lets paint the town, we'll shut it down, lets burn the roof... and then we'll do it again"
“oh these times are hard, they’re making us crazy, don’t give up on me baby”
“oh i need you now, im lost without you, im holding on til i can find you, so take me home”
“got my drunk text on ill regret it in the morning…”
“when i see your face theres not a thing that i would change, cuz youre amazing just the way you are”
"come away with me and ill never stop loving you"

Thursday, December 16, 2010

dear santa, i can explain...

im not asking for a lot this Christmas. snow, peace on earth, good will... yes i would like all those things. but for material items... lets just say there may not be a lot for me wrapped up under the tree this year, and that is just fine with me. december 31st/january 1st is my Christmas this year, and i am forever thankful to my entire family (in-laws-to-be included) for everything they have done to make our upcoming wedding everything ive always dreamed it could be.

however... id like to think i was pretty good this year, so i would not be unhappy if i were to receive these items:

i realized today that there is not a whole lot of time left before the big day, and ive got a lot to do yet to get ready. this includes a "year in review thanks to my ipod" blog like i did last year (and im really hoping sarah will make me another cd, *hint hint*) and a "2011 race preview/wishlist". the days are going by faster and faster and my to-do list of other random crap seems to grow exponentially by the hour. lovely.

this year was definitely an expensive year for me (us), with most of our money going towards the wedding and most of my money going towards running. id like to think that next year will not be as expensive, but it actually has the potential to be almost double what i spent this year. how did that happen? well... i already registered for the mount desert island marathon which is in october. then i registered for the NYC marathon lottery (ill find out if i got into that in april) and a few weeks ago i entered into a lottery for the boston marathon, which ill find out tomorrow! with only those three races (if i were to get in... fingers crossed!) it will already be about what i spent for all of my races total for 2010. ugh. the things we do for this freaking sport!!

so here is my 2011 race wishlist. we'll see what actually happens as the year progresses.

mid winter classic 10k
half at the hamptons

eastern states 20 miler

boston 5k (or)
boston marathon (?)

volunteer- sea dogs mothers day 5k
sugarloaf marathon (?)
reach the beach 200 mile relay
race 4 an angel 5k

close to the coast 10k or 5k

beach to beacon 10k (might actually volunteer this year)

reach the beach 200 mile relay (?)
65 roses 5k

maine marathon (?) or half
mount desert island marathon

NYC marathon (?)
thanksgiving day 4 miler

jingle bell 5k

clearly a lot of races are not set in stone as of yet, but i would really like to do 3 marathons if i can fit them in. are there any good races in northern new england that im missing? anyone doing any of these races and want to train with me? let me know!! :)

ill update you all tomorrow when i find out about boston, and ill post my "ipod year in review" as well!

Monday, December 13, 2010

6.1 mile satellite preview

by now you should have heard about sam... and operation jack... and the 6.1 mile satellite run on 12/26 in honor of sam's 61st marathon of 2010 to raise awareness for autism and train4autism. but if you havent, go HERE and register. and if youre in south portland on 12/26 come run with us. you wont regret it. for a $25 donation you get a sweet shirt, one-of-a-kind finishers medal, and the chance to meet really cool people, enjoy a sunday morning run, and donate to a really great cause.

i set out today to check out the course i put together and thought i would share a few pics. as you will see it was rainy, but im not going to complain when its 50 degrees in december in maine. ashley & jennifer, a few pics in here are just for you. enjoy.

starting line

about 0.4 miles in, a new house was recently built. ive been in love with it since they built it, despite no real land. but this gave me an idea... ashley and jennifer will need a house when they decide (we convince them) to move to maine. house #1:

$407,500... affordable, right?

almost one mile in and theres a bakery in willard square!! seriously, awesome bagels, breads, coffee, pastries... im pretty sure we could stop for a moment and have a snack!

scratch bakery

mile 1

a better view when its not rainy

the people who live in the house were outside when i passed so i didnt think i should creep take a pic. so i got this one online. grass isnt that green this time of year here. house #2:

only a mere $1.2 mil

on our way to mile 3... oh yeah, another bakery! i love their toasted coconut donuts.

mmmm donuts

mile 2

house # 3:

$239,900... for that price, im hoping the nutcrackers would be inclued

i didnt check whether this pic came out well or not. haha, i think its funny.

mile 3

while i was on the house hunt for ashley and jennifer, i came upon this little gem! you guys are probably gonna want a car to get ya around town... perfect.

maybe we could buy this for a RTB vehicle? it would be more like a clown car.

maybe in need of a coat of paint... or 12. house #4:


a pretty good reflection of how i felt at this very moment.

mile 4

there were a few hills before now, but this one is the worst. and look, its not really that bad!

the streets name is "ocean view". you absolutely cannot see the ocean from this street.

house #5:

$219,900, complete with a fire hydrant and "dead end" sign in your almost non-existent yard

and just a few houses down, right before mile 5... house #6:

$299,900. and for some reason this lawn IS that green. fake?

mile 5

just after mile 5 you take a turn back towards the community college, which is the same road the "tri for a cure" all womens triathlon takes on their run. this is where i decided im glad the run goes down this hill, instead of up. you guys really wouldnt like me if i had you run up.

its all down hill/sea level from here

during the last mile you even get a nice view of spring point. again, much prettier when not raining. 12/26 has the potential for snow, that would be pretty.

and from the headlight, its just about 0.4 miles back to where we started. my nike+ is a little off but from my map on mapmyrun.com and daily mile, it seems the course should be exactly 6.1 miles. if anyone has a garmin thats more accurate and would like to check the run with me at some point, id definitely be up for that. regardless, were going to have an awesome time on this run, and we would love to have you join us... the more the merrier!

mile 6.1

(ashley & jennifer... http://www.mainelistings.com/ cumberland county. check it out. maine rocks.)

hope to see everyone on 12/26!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

12 in 2010 recap

one of the reasons i started this blog in the first place last fall was to document the ins and outs of my running experiences. my new years resolution developed shortly thereafter and my blog finally had a purpose. over the year ive documented much more than just the races in my resolution... from everyday life, the struggles ive been through, the new people ive met and their accomplishments, wedding planning, etc…

but all in all, the reason this blog became what is it today was pretty much because of this resolution, and last sunday i completed yet another year of what i had set out to do on january 1st. (if you dont recall, i gave up potato chips for my n.y.r. of 2009. dumb, dumb, dumb. that has completely backfired on me as i now go through at least a mini bag of chips per day. no joke.)

will this blog end here and now? HA! weve still got a wedding to get through... 22 days!!! i couldnt (& wouldnt!) leave ya’ll hangin like that! and ive got some fun plans coming for next year. i think ill stick around.

so without further adieu (ive never used that word before... figured id start now), here is my ultimate "12 in 2010" review… the good, the bad, and something i learned from each race. ive also added the link to the race recap report incase you have any interest in seeing more pics and randomness from each race.

january- frozen 5k 23:54 (7:42)
date/time/weather: 1/10/10, 1:30pm, 20 degrees… really freaking cold, oh and there was wind too. wind is so awesome.
the good: an afternoon race! got to sleep in. always a plus.
the bad: 20 degrees. wind. enough said.
something i learned: sprinting in freezing temps does not allow for quality breathing but it does mean you wont be out running in the cold as long.

one lonely tshirt just waiting for some friends...

- mid winter classic 10 miler 1:26:08 (8:37)
date/time/weather: 2/7/10, 9:45am, 11 degrees… miserable.
the good: does anyone else run 10 miles the morning of the superbowl? allows for extra beers and chicken wings with no added guilt.
the bad: little to no sleep the night before (i ended up on the couch watching kardashian reruns at 2am), wind, ankle bracelet timing chips. its 2010 right? get with the newer technology thanks.
something i learned: this race had a huge impact on me (i didnt PR, down to the very second of my previous race). it helped me realize not getting a PR was insignificant and not to take anything in my life for granted.

thats maine talk for "hardcore". this moose knew whats up.

- irish road rover 5k 30:38 (9:53)
date/time/weather: 3/7/10, 11:00am, sunny & on the warmer side for march in maine
the good: the weather was awesome, ty ran with me, aaaand we all went out for beers post race! cant go wrong with that combination.
the bad: i found nothing bad about this race. i asked ty what he thought was bad about this race: "all of it". he really loves running.
something i learned: i dont hate 5k’s as much when im not running them in an all out sprint

am i irish? nope. is it still fun to wear cute shamrock socks obviously.

- great bay half marathon 1:58:15 (9:02)
date/time/weather: 4/11/10, 11:00am, 64 degrees. warmer than i thought it was going to be (apparently i thought 64 was cold)
the good: this is a truly beautiful and challenging course
the bad: trying to take off a long sleeve compression shirt while running… with a tshirt over it… holding a handheld and wearing a belt… not easy
something i learned: i have a love hate relationship with my handheld

usually i hate my monster manlike calves... but i actually like this pic

- sugarloaf marathon 4:15:25 (9:49)
date/time/weather: 5/16/10, 7:00am, mid 40’s at start, warmed up to 60's, sunny
the good: my training. i worked hard for this PR and it showed.
the bad: no expo, waiting too long to book hotel room so we ended up in what i can only imagine resembled a retro bomb shelter, waiting 2 hours for dinner, and 16 miles downhill…. holy quad thrasher!
something i learned: apply a lot of sun block on your legs if youre going to run a marathon on a sunny day with KTtape… the tan lines arent cool. also no matter how much you train, a mile 20 breakdown/wall can and will still occur whether youre ready or not

a 26.2 mile advertisement

- close to the coast 10k 49:44 (8:01)
date/time/weather: 6/12/10, 9:00am, warm, humid & muggy
the good: um... well... yeah, i got nothing. the race was pretty well organized, i met up with my friend betsy and got to meet her little boy :)
the bad: unable to pace myself, trail running, wood chips.
something i learned: i am not a trail runner

brendan told me to watch my footing on this course. best advice ever.

- llbean 10k 52:21 (8:26)
date/time/weather: 7/4/10, 7:30am, so FREAKING HOT!
the good: andreas race photo taken by sarah (see below) and jake getting a PR. there was nothing good about this race from my racing point of view.
the bad: a pace of 16:45, yeah that’s walking.
something i learned: even though i live by my own rules, i dont often make the best choices. changing up breakfast, new shoes on race day, different pre-race fuel... not recommended


- beach to beacon 10k 49:47 (8:01)
date/time/weather: 8/7/10, 8:05am, 49 degrees before the start (the two previous days were in the 90’s. gotta love maine!)
the good: probably the most beautiful/scenic race in the world! (ok thats probably not entirely true since i havent gotten out much, but its MY most beautiful race)
the bad: nothing. i heart this race. well attempting to register for the race is a royal pain. when asking ty what he thought was bad about this race, he said "all of it". see a theme here people? (see pic below)
something i learned: how to pee in the woods pre race. crucial.

ty (green shirt) was so excited. cant you tell?

- reach the beach 200 mile relay 28:51:27
date/time/weather: 9/17-18/10, all night long baby, rain, sun, wind, cold, hot… you name it
the good: running in the middle of the night through wooded backroads with a head lamp, the white church with the old ladies making homemade chili, giddy middle school sleep over esque behavior in the van, chasing white new balance vans for silly bands. this list could go on and on...
the bad: the car top carrier opening up on the highway, scattering all our belongings all over the road… and having to leave early. sad.
something i learned: no matter how many times you say “ok guys im REALLY gonna try to fall asleep now”, it aint gonna happen. and i really hate port-a-potties.

stolen from reach the beach photos.

- maine marathon 4:43:30 (10:49)
date/time/weather: 10/3/10, 7:45am, 46 degrees
the good: i love this marathon. love, love, love it.
the bad: i didnt train properly. i nearly got heat stroke on an 18 mile training run. marathon personal worst time. (but really, i love this marathon.)
something i learned: not training for a marathon will not kill you, but it is something i also do not recommend

did i just run almost 5 hours or did i BQ? you'd be surprised.

- turkey trot 5k 24:18 (7:50)
date/time/weather: 11/21/10 9:00am, brrrrr chilly and windy
the good: getting together with good friends and kevin mitchell at the finish line handing out water
the bad: another stupid ankle bracelet for timing and no starting mat (gun time only)
something i learned: hills during mile 3 are not my friend

im moving so fast i made the pic blurry! no, not really. camera fail.

- jingle bell 5k (actually 2.9miles) 21:42 (7:00)http://danielle09justdoit.blogspot.com/2010/12/race-12-give-it-all-you-got.html
date/time/weather: 12/5/10, 10:00am, 34 degrees
the good: a 5k race thats not accurately a 5k is still an official 5k online... right?
the bad: the course was about 0.2 miles short
something i learned: my final race of my new years resolution... i can do anything i set my mind to, just takes determination, dedication, and heart. ill never forget this year, and i couldnt have done it without the support of all my family and friends. thank you!!

thats the smile of accomplishment, folks

so there you have it. many people have asked if im going to do this again next year... simple answer: no. did i have fun? absolutely... thats not it at all. i set out to accomplish a goal and i did it. there were mornings i didnt feel like running a race, as there usually is. i want to do different things next year and that will be just fine with me. do i recommend what i did to others? for sure. be it with races of mixed distances like i did, triathlons, half marathons, or even 12 marathons in 12 months... its a fun thing to set out and feels really good to accomplish it. go for it.

on top of the 12 races in this resolution, i ran 8 other races as well: psychic prediction 5k, polar bear triathlon relay 5k, trail to ale 5k, 65 roses 5k, maine coast womens half marathon, loco moose 5k, thankgiving 4 miler, and coming up on 12/26 ill be running 6.1 miles with a team of awesome mainah's supporting operation jack & train4autism (sign up here, k thanks).

race registrations: $606.27
pairs of shoes: 3
# of miles i ran (in races): 168.65
# of PR’s: 5
dominating another new years resolution: priceless

"There are clubs you can't belong to, neighborhoods you can't live in, schools you can't get into, but the roads are always open." -Nike