Tuesday, April 27, 2010

fun fact friday

(i posted this on friday april 30th but for whatever reason it says i wrote and posted it on a tuesday. fun fact friday fail.)

so i think i want to start blogging more than i do right now (which is approximately once a month). i got to thinking monday night (well 2am-ish tuesday morning) at work about what i could do that wouldnt be boring. i started looking back through some of my old blogs to see if i could get any inspiration... what do i do besides run? i drink. i cry (a lot, mostly when running a road race, when im tired, or while watching re runs of old greys anatomy episodes). those things wouldnt really be fun to read about, per se.... but, they are true facts about my life. and throughout almost all of my posts ive had **fun facts** strewn here and there.

thus, heres my new idea.....


(im a loser.)

so here it will begin. a few **fun facts** about me that you may not know. from here on out i will use fridays as days to just tell you things that may have happened to me throughout the week or just stupid things i think are fun. (you dont have to think theyre fun, it wont offend me)

fun fact #1: my mom found out she was having twins only five hours before they were born. i cried cuz i thought we had to give one back

fun fact #2: my fiance donated the right lower lobe of his lung to his brother in 2003 when he needed a double lung transplant due to cystic fibrosis. please please please consider being an organ donor. it truly saves lives.
fun fact #3: every february i run a race in my hometown, the cape elizabeth midwinter classic 10 miler. this race is always on superbowl sunday. i do this race ever year pretty much so i can eat as many chips/dips/chicken wings/beer as i so desire on that day

fun fact #4: (you might have already figured this one out) i dont particularly care for uppercase or punctuation

fun fact #5: ive had my camelbak for over a year now and i just last week figured out that i can hook the straw part to the other strap in front instead of having to hold it in my hand while im running. so smart.
fun fact #5a: i gave up eating potato chips for my 2009 new years resolution. and i made it. 11:59pm december 31st 2008 to 12:06am january 1st 2010. it was a very.long.year. (and i now pretty much eat chips every day)
fun fact #5b: my favorite chips are red doritos

fun fact #6: my new years resolution for this year is to run a road race every month. at the very first race of the year i found 2 other runners whose new years resolution was the exact.same.thing. 12 in 2010 baby.

fun fact #7a: the mdi (mount desert island) marathon was recently voted 2nd in best overall marathons in runners world. thats in maine. come visit. k thanks.
fun fact #7b: im considering running the maine marathon (10/3) AND the mdi marathon (10/17). this would be 2 marathons within 14 days.
hardcore? <---click it

and finally... fun fact #9: i hate the ipod headphones. with a passion. they fall out. i dont think they are very loud (probably cuz they are constantly not staying in my ears). apple brilliantly came up with the idea to put the volume and play buttons on the headphones themselves. fail. i LOVE these headphones... first, theyre pink. second, they actually stay in my ears. however, they only work with my ancient ipod that i cant add any more songs to.
why a fun fact? cuz i found this lovely gem.
thank you belkin. $19.99 at best buy. i can now wear the headphones i love with BOTH ipods (and yes, im bringing both with me to sugarloaf on 5/16).

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