Sunday, October 10, 2010

the story of us

has anyone else (anyone other than sappy-ilovestupidgirlymoviesmorethananyone-willcrywatchingthemoverandovereventhoughiknowtheending-me) seen the movie "the story of us"?

maybe its because the movie came out in 1999 when i was graduating high school/heading off to college/still dating my boyfriend from high school who was (shocking) not going to the same college as me, so of course my life was ending!... (for those who care, he just got married... and im sure you all know im almost there myself)

aaaaanyway, long story very short the movie is about bruce willis and michele pfeiffer and the struggles they encounter with their marriage. its sad. its funny. and i love watching it. i know no couples are perfect (but we're damn near close).

that being said, todays pointless blog will be the story of us... 83 more days!

back before i had facebook, myspace, or twitter, i spent most of my time chatting wth friends on aol IM. i was living in portland with one of my best guy friends and he had introduced me to his friend melissa over the summer of 2006. melissa had a best guy friend named tyler, who was dating melissas roommate at the time. she talked this guy up like there was no other male on the planet, and the pics she had of him were not too bad either. late that summer there was a crazy break up, and tyler was single. melissa thought maybe we should meet (i was easily convinced to agree).

one day melissa got an IM from tyler, something along the lines of: "i just want to meet a girl who wants to wake up, go play a round of golf, pick up some beers on the way home and watch the game. is that too much to ask?" to which melissa replied: "i think you need to meet my friend danielle, that sounds just like her".

she then sent me what he had written to her, and i replied "tell him that is my dream date as long as i can drive the golf cart".

we met on august 19th, 2006. our wedding date is january 1st, 2011. the

of course there are lots of things in between... our first kiss was late night on the stairs at washburn 39 @ the university of orono. the morning after we met we each ordered coffee black with one splenda. he came along to disney and hung out with my dad and step-mom while i ran the half marathon (i think HE deserves the medal i got!). his brother got pneumonia and i changed my career path because of it. he hunts. i run. he got me to drink wine and try a pickle. i never beat him at tennis. our trip planned for six flags was spoiled due to him being too tall for all the roller coasters. we've named our two golden retrievers Stella & Diesel (although we dont actually have them yet...). we play scrabble like were trying to win some "couples who play the most scrabble" award. the red sox have won the world series. the pats have failed to win the superbowl. we have attended almost 15 weddings together. we always have to take two photos.... the first:

and the second:

whats that? youre not convinced?

God help our children (and our poor poor wedding photographer!)

our story isnt perfect, but its ours. lifes a journey folks.... dont take one second for granted.


  1. excellent post! good luck to both of you!

  2. Awe! That's so adorable! I have to go rent that movie now. I met my husband by beating him at a beer chugging contest. He has yet to beat me also.

  3. I love this post (especially, selfishly, in light of my weekend). "our story isn't perfect, but it's ours." love it.

  4. I love this post. Thanks so much for sharing. :) You guys are pretty darn cute (even with the horrendous pics factored in :p)!

  5. awww~love it. Wishing you both many many years of happy love together :)
    Seems like you both have a very healthy sense of humor and that is SO important. Laughter is the best medicine (not to sound all cliche and all but, true!)
    I love all the pics but that lighthouse pic is just awesome.

  6. I just stumbled across your blog, and, while I am a few years older than you, loved it (I am a marathoner and a romantic, who once wrote a full length book as a wedding gift for my husband called the story of us -- it's been turned into a novel, funny.). Anyway, very cute sweet post.

  7. I liked post too, and funny, my wife Pamela (above) commented and I didnt know it. I was hooked by the title because of what Pamela did for us. Pretty cool

  8. This post made me go "awwwwww" about 10 times!!! You guys are adorable!!!