Monday, January 17, 2011!!!)

 **pre-warning** - it has yet to even hit me that a) im married and b) the wedding actually happened. so i apologize if this blog entry is long and probably confusing as hell to follow, cuz my mind is just working like that right now.

when i think back... now that the "i do's" have been said, the dances have been danced, the dress has gone back into its pink garment bag and the tuxes returned... i really could not have asked for anything more. a little over a year ago all the planning began, and no one had any idea what to expect. and just like that its all over. were all kinda feeling this "now what" sort of feeling; ty calls it a "wedding hangover". anyone care to inform us when that ends and we start to feel married? ill let you know when i know...

when i said i didnt want to drink a lot at my bachelorette party, clearly what i really meant was "please get me so wasted". i never said that thought outloud, but apparently everyone read my mind. lucky me. a night of downing multiple shots and bud lights with lots of dancing ensued. also included- a shot sent via telephone from a lovely blonde in st. louis. kinda feeling like "yeah, im getting married.... sometime".

woke up realizing i hadnt brushed my teeth before going to bed. my teeth had fur, and tasted like doritos. i was in serious need of water and carbs, fast. luckily i had two bridesmaids in the next room who were willing and able (i think i was still drunk) to drive to mr.bagel. thank you, thank you, thank you. i took a hot shower for about 2 days and realized i should probably get ready for our 1pm rehearsal. i looked alright when i left the apartment.

the rehearsal was a shit show awesome. i dont know that i actually heard anything my uncle (who was marrying us) was saying, i was focused on trying to get my head to stop spinning while simultaneously picking out my closest escape incase i was going to throw up. classy, right?

the bridal party then got a ride to the rehearsal dinner in this sweet short bus, driven by my step dad. music was provided by a battery powered cd player/boom box. there was no heat, but we did have the added bonus of a leaky exhaust pipe. yum.

now feeling more like "ok, im getting married.... but not til tomorrow".

after the rehearsal, everyone headed back to the marriott to party it up for new years eve. the days events were proven a little too much for some people though, and most guests were already in bed before midnight, or falling asleep waiting for the ball to drop, myself included.

woke up and realized "holy crap im getting married... TODAY!!" it was a great feeling. my girls and i had spent the night at melissa's apartment, which is about a 4 iron from a dunkin donuts. score! another added bonus, it was almost 50 degrees. on january 1st. in maine. could this day get any better?

ty had specifically instructed the girls to give me his wedding gift before i get my make up done, which was absolutely a good idea.

what could it be?
are you serious?
obviously crying


alright... so i finally made it to get make up done...

and then the hair...

and while we all beautified ourselves, the boys jumped in the ocean to benefit the special olympics

oh they're special, alright
and then before i knew it, it was time to get dressed
but first, i needed to paint my toenails...

and i needed a little pick me up

and of course i couldnt forget to put the garter on!

we took a few pics outside just before the ceremony

and then it was finally the big moment

"we do"

(it really did happen about that fast)

i could probably write a novel about the reception, but i wont bore you with all the details. there was dancing, dancing, and more dancing, no thanks in part to our non-existent DJ who spent the night in his car. but regardless, there were wonderful moments shared both on and off the dance floor among friends and family, and it was truly an unforgettable night. if i had it to re-live all over again, i would in a heartbeat. a thousand times over.

yup. we got iced at our own wedding

hands off ladies, he's all mine now!

our 1st dance

"and i wanna walk with you, on a cloudy day... in fields where the yellow grass grows knee high, so wont you try to come... come away with me and we'll kiss, on a mountain top... come away with me and ill never stop loving you"

father/daughter dance
"im gonna watch you shine, gonna watch you grow... gonna make a sign, so you'll always know... as long as one and one is two, there could never be a father loved his daughter more than i love you"

mother/son dance
"my wish for you is that this life becomes all that you want it to... your dreams stay big, your worries stay small, you never need to carry more than you can hold"
maid of honor speech
"On my 16th birthday you sent me a present, a ring, and you had one just like it. I’ve worn that ring every day since then. I gave you my ring to wear today for your something borrowed. I found the letter that you sent me with that ring and you wrote “whenever you look at your finger you’ll think of me – that I’m wearing it too, and we’ll always be together in a sense.” I’m now saying that to you and Tyler. That I hope you look at the rings you exchanged today and know that the two of you are always together, no matter what is going on, whatever ups or downs you two are dealing with, that you know you can always turn to each other and lean on each other. Ty – I love you for making my best friend happier than I’ve ever seen her."

best man speech
"So please join me in raising your respective glass: Congratulations, Ty and Danielle. May the sun always shine on your faces, and the wind always be at your back. Marriage may not always be the easiest thing, but as country singer Gary Allen puts it, “life ain’t always beautiful, but it’s a beautiful ride.”

"love is like a bomb..... pour some sugar on me, in the name of love"

**a little side note here:

our wedding day was also my parents 16th wedding anniversary. i had my step dad come up on the dance floor with me and i grabbed the mic to have a toast for them. i wouldnt be where i am today without the help of this truly wonderful man, and i owe him the world for so many reasons. he has made my mother the happiest woman i know, and i can only dream of having half the happiness the two of them have found with each other. i needed to recognize him, so i announced i wanted to have a special dance with him. he doesnt necessarily care too much for slow dances, and i knew that... so i had devised a little plan.

little did i know (as you can see from his expression) he would be overcome with so much emotion....

"you raise me up, so i can stand on mountains... you raise me up, to walk on stormy seas... i am strong, when i am on your shoulders... you raise me up, to more than i can be"

but halfway through josh groban's song, when the song switched to lady gaga's "poker face" (he is completely obsessed with her and that song), the tears stopped, he threw off his vest (please if anyone got video of this dance i NEED to see it!!), and we broke it down.

now you may wonder why my aunt donna is sticking her finger into my cake?

well it would only be fair, since apparently i did that at her wedding in 1984

and then we all danced the night away....

me and sarah
the newlyweds with our one and only breadstick
like i said, DJ. non existent.

two of the best friends a girl could ever ask for

so classy

cuz why wouldnt we virtual jump rope at our wedding?

and before you even ask, yes this will be framed and hung in our bathroom
and like that, it was over. a HUGE thank you to both my parents and tylers parents, who absolutely made this whole thing possible. we cannot thank you all enough! and to all our family & friends, my bridesmaids, groomsmen, BEST FRIEND and maid of honor, and brother-in-law & best man, THANK YOU(!!) for giving us a night we will never, ever forget. we love you all!

next up... the honeymoon!


  1. awesome. beautiful pics and it appears you had a blast!! you are a beautiful bride D!!

  2. Love all the pics!!! It looks like it was an amazing day and you looked beautiful!! Congratulations!! :)

  3. What a great wedding! Looks like you guys had a blast and you looked gorgeous. I'm trying to identify the reception site and failing- but I definately think I've been to a wedding there before! Congrats to you and best wishes for a long and happy marriage!

  4. OMG!!! beautiful. i know ive said a thousand times over-- it was such an amazing day and SOOO happy for you!! we had such a blast and ill just add it to the book of memories we have together...ohhhhh and there will be so many more. duh! xoxo.

    ps. now that the wedding is over...time to whip me into some marathon shape. k thanks.

  5. amazing amazing amazing! you look gorgeous, and it looks like a perfect and magical night. congratulations!!!!

  6. beautiful! its looks like you had so much fun! congrats!!

  7. Ahhh what a perfect perfect day. You look like such a happy bride. :) Love love love the recap. :) a gazillion times better than a race report PR. ;) It's a good thing I wasn't there, b/c I teared up just during the recap. :p