Tuesday, February 15, 2011

the other love of my life

about a year ago we started seeing commercials for "fairpoint communications". i dont know where fairpoint service is available but if you havent seen the commercials, you are missing out. the "bundle" is truly the other love of my life, besides my husband. and secretly i think he loves the bundle too. (we even have a picture of him on our fridge. ok there might be two.)

one of the first commercials i saw with this fun little guy made me laugh

and then another one came out and i was hooked

and my all time favorite one (i mean, how can you NOT love this furry little guy!)

around christmas time a special was out through fairpoint where if you ordered their "bundle" you would get a 2011 bundle calendar! we didnt need this bundle (we have time warner cable... which we HATE but we really dont have a choice right now) but i wanted that calendar SO bad. i searched online, ebay, everywhere! but i couldnt get my hands on one. my sister-in-law works for the company that makes the commercials and she was going to try to get me one. (and she even said i might be able to meet the puppet. it would probably be the best day of my life... 2nd to getting married. yeah im almost that obsessed).

so to the point of this whole blog... the other night at work i just so happened to come across the 2011 bundle calendar!!! there it was, just hanging in the 3rd floor nurses lounge. too bad there were people in the room or i would have stolen the freaking thing, but i pretty much flipped out (to which everyone looked at me funny, but clearly they all know im crazy already so they just laughed at me). so instead of stealing it, i just took pics. and now for your viewing pleasure, a year of the fairpoint bundle. enjoy!













arent you just in love now too?


  1. OMG I love it... I think the Bundle is the cutest thing ever!

  2. I really hope you get to meet "it" :D