Friday, September 28, 2012

fun fact friday

1. despite having woken up at 2am and 4am, duke let us sleep in til 7 this am. i thought he might be dead (hes usually an alarm clock at 5am). luckily he was just sleepy and not dead.

2. that pink girl wanted random facts on her blog today. she said she wished she knew how to play the piano... when we moved to maine, the first house we rented had a piano and i taught myself how to play songs by ear. when i finally took piano class in college i had a terrible time reading the sheet music and just memorized how to play the songs instead of reading.

3. i do, however, know how to read (and write) music (although i cheated off my friend jamie for most of our senior year music theory class). i played the euphonium for 8 years starting in 5th grade.

4. three of my very good friends are flying into maine 2 weeks from today! i.cant.wait!!

5. the next 3 weeks are going to be a whirlwind to say the least. lots going on, starting sunday. (youre welcome for the vagueness!)

6. i need to catch up on greys. like 3 seasons worth i think. i havent even opened season 7 from the packaging. i also dont know what season is currently on tv.

7. i know a lot of people running their first marathon this weekend. im so excited for them! i wish i could relive my first marathon again. nothing like that feeling.

8. its almost impossible to keep this house clean with the dog and cat. ive come to the conclusion that it will always be dirty. forever.

9. this whole no coffee/no alcohol thing is for the birds. but i think ive drank about a gallon of milk in the last few days, i think my body needed this break.

10. i have two nalgene bottles that i rotate. one is 3 years old. the other is 8 years old. its probably time to invest in a new one.

11. one of my brothers is going sky diving tomorrow. im physically sick thinking about it, but we might go watch.

12. i think i will make these. soon. (update: just sent ty a text with the ingredients to pick up on his way home tonight)

13. im happy its raining only because i needed to water the plants and our hose is busted and i am too lazy to go buy a new hose.

14. my calves and ankles will be so happy when this puppy biting stage is over.

happy friday!


  1. After you make those brownies please bring them to my house. And bring that puppy of yours too and watch as my house becomes a whirlind of yellow and black dog hair and chaos! (which I won't mind because I'll just take a seat with a beer ;-))

  2. i've never heard of that instrument (not the piano...the e thing) i actually had to click on the link...

    those dreamm-o brownies look fanfreakingtastic. I snuggled on the couch in this cold drizzle and I could SO eat those right now...

  3. Oh man - I would go out and buy those ingredients right now but I've carb-loaed on beer and pizza already tonight. Ugh! Pets and kids are the reason why my house will be forever trashed. I have given up on cleaning. Who the hell cares anyway.

  4. Can't wait to hear what all you've got going on in the next few weeks. Hope all of it is fun!

  5. #4!!!! I am one of those right?!?

    #14 I can't wait to meet the ankle/calf biter :)


    (has nothing to do with this post)