Sunday, October 20, 2013

henry: five months!

looks like we need bigger white onesies...

at last weeks check up henry was a whopping 16 lbs 9oz and 26 inches long! (i say whopping because i think hes huge, but compared to a few other people i know, henry is actually not all that heavy haha)

we had an ultrasound monday on the kidneys. things look about the same, but the kidneys are growing (like they should) and things dont look worse, so thats all very good. the doctor also said she couldnt really hear the heart murmur any more. continuing with daily antibiotic, potentially adding in probiotics soon, and continuing to monitor. next heart and kidney check are at a year of age, unless any infections occur before then.

i finally put away the clothes from newborn to what doesnt fit him now. so very very sad. i look at those little tiny clothes that used to be big on him and cant believe how fast he has grown. we have some 3-6 month onesies that are still fitting, but mostly we are in 6-9 and even 12 month clothes. kid has a long torso and long legs! oh and a big head too, which doesnt help when trying to put clothes on him.

henry is pretty much sleeping 8pm-430am. however, he doesnt want to nap (he doesnt know what he is missing!!) sleeping in the car? absolutely. napping in the bob stroller? yup. but he fights naps during the day so bad. i cant really take a nap or get house things done when im driving or out for a walk/run though. maybe ill do laps in the bob stroller around the first floor of my house and see if he falls asleep (and just leave him in there to nap!) (jk i wont do that). (maybe).

other than waking up in the middle of the night crying, he doesnt really cry during the day for anything. he does a funny cough wimper thing if he is hungry and when he sees you making his bottle. other than that we have one very happy little guy (im not sure you can tell from all the smiling pics!)

a few weeks ago ty and i were watching henry on his floor mat while he was doing some tummy time and he rolled from his stomach to his back! he doesnt roll over a ton, but it was great that ty watched it happen for the first time. its so cool to see henry discover new things. he loves to put his feet in his mouth and grab for toys. he is close to being able to sit up on his own, his neck and back are very strong. ty also had henry feed duke a carrot the other day... duke was very hesitant but also very gentle, and henry was grabbing onto the carrot for dear life and wouldnt let it go haha.

and hen has now graduated from the car seat rider to front of the cart rider at target! very exciting stuff, of course!

also, henry was baptized last month. it was a beautiful day.

baby gear love
the pack 'n play is great for a changing table and nap area for downstairs. it also doubles as a holder for toys, clothes, and blankets to use downstairs. luckily he has yet to try to climb out of it.

we are also loving the bumbo seat and the activity bouncy seat my mom got for him! he cant yet really reach the bottom but he can hold himself up in it now and he loves all the activities on it. the green leaf thing eventually ends up in his mouth, shocking.


apple picking with aunt meghan, uncle josh, and cousin ronan

getting pumpkins with grammy at jordans farm

watchings the finish of mommys half marathon!
(the ending of the race was indeed not in my living room, but we didnt take pics at the race)

moose hunting! (sort of)

right now were still using the g diapers size medium, and he is in size 3 disposables. i actually like pampers baby dry and cruisers better than target for size 3 (i liked target for newborn, size 1 and 2 better). we havent tried huggies but pampers are better priced from what i have found. the g diapers are.... somewhat of a pain. ill admit it. i think im the only one who is really still pushing to use them and im even starting to lean towards packing them up. the medium size say they go up to 23lbs, but they really dont seem to fit henry very well. i bought a large one and it is quite big still but fits better than the medium, but i dont know that i want to invest in a bunch more size large. we can still use the inserts and liners for large that we do for medium, but i also think henrys skin is getting irriated from the cloth liners. so i dunno. i might have to strip them again and see if that helps.

we recently started henry on foods!! we first tried homemade rice cereal... he threw it all up (later on in the day). changed to organic oatmeal cereal... same thing. homemade applesauce finally stayed down and he seemed to love it. he also likes prune juice, and we just started trying peas! he isnt quite sure what to think of all of it, and still loves his bottles. he has transitioned to the size 2 bottle nipples and is eating anywhere between 6-8oz at most feedings. next up, sweet potatoes and avacado!


and my double chin!

henry has decided he hates taking his antibiotic (cant blame him, the stuff tastes awful. worst grape flavor ive ever tried!). trying to give it to him with a medicine syringe im sure he maybe gets about half of it, if that (2mL every day). so we started tricking him (isnt parenthood fun?!) and putting it in his first bottle of the day when he is nice and hungry and scarfs the whole thing down. now why didnt we think of this sooner? sleep deprevation, thats why. probably.

henry also dislikes sleep. during the 2nd week after turning 4 months he fell asleep at the normal time and woke up screaming his little head off at 11pm. this happened 4 nights in a row. i thought it would never end. the first night we didnt know what the heck was happening and he was shaking and crying and sweating and it really scared us. but we gave him 4oz and he fell right back asleep. the next night, same thing. so we got prepared and would bring up bottles each night for when it happened. we had become so used to sleeping through the night that we forgot how this felt (not fun). i still cant imagine some of you mommys that arent sleeping through the night yet... my heart goes out to you!!! like i said that only lasted like 4 days, so we are happy about that. now, however, he is falling asleep earlier (730ish)... probably because it is getting dark earlier... and then he is awake at 430am. its a lot of fun. goodbye sleeping in (ever again). other than that hes really a good kid. very easy going, which makes life a lot easier.

see, hes not always happy. and his pajamas dont always fit.

happy 5 months henry!


  1. Our little guy has also decided he doesn't want to sleep through the night anymore either. He wakes up once during the night, gets a bottle, change of diaper, and goes back to sleep. It takes all of 5 minutes, so we're not complaining.

    Henry is adorable. I love the updates.

  2. ahhhhhh he is just too cute!! and I need to try putting Connor in the shopping cart instead of putting his car seat in there!! I must try soon. Trying to shop with his car seat taking up so much room is a pain. Happy 5 months, Henry!