Wednesday, May 7, 2014

thank you!!

we are just 4 days away from the marathon, and i am still going taper crazy!! 

my run this morning pretty much was super awful (as expected running with zero carbohydrates in my body and trying to run semi fast) and i had cold chicken and black coffee for breakfast. hold your jealousy, folks.

but tomorrow i will eat ALL THE PANCAKES! and bread! and peanut butter cups! (ok maybe not...) i dont even know what to eat during carb loading. ill either overdo it and sit on the couch with an entire loaf of bread and a side of beer, or ill eat one bagel and be all "this is fantastic!" and take a nap. see: reasons why i need a life coach. in all seriousness, this carb depletion/loading crap worked for my half marathon so i figured i would give it a try for the marathon. what do i have to lose at this point? im gonna break thru that wall like its nobodys business! (i hope... theres still a bit of doubt over here. running sucks.)
probably not

regardless of my finishing time on sunday, one thing remains true- my awesome friends, family, and even some of you readers and followers have helped raise a HUGE amount of money for a local charity, the Autism Society of Maine. when i emailed them back in january to let them know i was doing this, they were so excited. little did i know that less than 28 hours after i sent that email, i surpassed my initial goal and have since broken the $1,000 mark! so thank you thank you THANK YOU ALL for helping me with this fundraising. i am so proud to have done this for ASM.

so now the fun part of this whole thing... those of you that donated have a chance to win a few cool things! (and please note, there is still time for you to donate!! i also still need some time guesses from a few of you...) for each $10 donation, you get 3 guesses at sundays marathon finishing time. as of right now the fastest guess is 3:19:13 (omg you are trying to kill me!!!) and the slowest guess is 4:45 (which is totally doable, buuuut im hoping its a bit closer to the 3:19 guess). whoever comes closest to my finishing time will win their choice of a pair of ProCompression marathon socks or an Erica Sara Designs gift card with specialized charm that Erica made just for this giveaway!

thank you ProCompression!
thank you Erica!!!

whichever gift the winner chooses, the remaining gift will be raffled off in a drawing for everyone who donated. i cannot say enough how much i appreciate all the support i have gotten with this fundraising and with my race/training in general. special thank you to ty for putting up with all my 4am runs, helping with hen while i was gone, dealing with my craziness (not just during taper!) and just overall being supportive with everything. youre truly the best, xo.


  1. Just wait until tomorrow when you're craving protein ...

  2. thank you thank you for grumpy cat. <3 I hope that I can get a chance to see you on the route. Not sure how that will work but I will be heading that way for basketball. If not, I wish you all the luck! You deserve to have the best race ever!!

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  4. All you need to do is spend a day with Frank and I and you will get all the carbs you will ever need. And then some.

  5. Thinking about you while you are running the marathon right now... You got this!