Monday, July 7, 2014

year in review. in july.

you might think im gonna start blogging regularly again... two posts in two days! but dont hold your breath. im just on a roll and figured id continue playing catch up for a little while longer. however, getting part of the top of my pointer finger slashed off this morning by a piece of metal that flung out of the side of my window makes typing a fun challenge at the moment, and it will take even longer to write this due to the fact that ill be running upstairs every three and a half minutes to make sure my kid isnt internally bleeding during his nap after falling head first out of the living room chair (at least i think he fell head first out of the chair... he was watching the wild kratts and i went in the bathroom EIGHT FEET AWAY for TWO DAMN SECONDS trying to clean the ever loving bleeding gash in my finger and heard him fall... awesome mom of the year here folks).

hes tried to climb the chair three times since... boys never learn.

anyway... i didnt talk much about running in yesterdays post, and since thats mostly why this blog started to begin with, i figured i should maybe write about running. people who kinda know me think thats all i do, but in reality i really only run, on average, 6 miles a day. sure, thats a lot to many people. but lets say, on average, 6 miles takes me 53 minutes. thats not even 4% of one day. and looking at it on a broader scale... averaging 6 miles a day at 53 minutes, times 7 days in the week is still only 4% of the WHOLE WEEK. (i do math way better when im not running). sure, there are days i dont run at all (ah, sweet sweet sleep... oh wait, i dont really sleep either. thanks to henry who wakes up at 4:30am daily). and there are also days i run for 3 hours (and enjoy it!). but overall, i do not spend all my time running. i do, however, spend all my (our/tylers) money on running though. some people like purses (huh?), make up (my mascara is probably 3 years old), shoes (flip flops and sneakers fill the closets here), expensive clothes (all of my clothes are either from target, are old and too big, or its stuff i run in. so hot.)... but i love running. its my thing. so be it.

it is interesting to see those percentage numbers though because even i feel like im running all the time sometimes. but i love the feeling of a good run being done before the sun comes up, and the pain of being hungry for 2nd breakfast at 10am because first breakfast was at 7am, and being able to eat a whole box of mac and cheese (that is 1/4 cup of butter for anyone counting at home) and not worry about what some number on a machine in the bathroom says (which in reality is also followed by a bud light or a bowl of ice cream). i dont care if you hate me, running is something i love. and you wont be jealous of me when im 60 and needing knee replacements so just laugh now, ok? i also went to the doctor a few months ago because i couldnt stop losing weight after henry was born. tough problem to have right? well i was sick of people telling me i needed to eat. HELLO. whole boxes of mac and cheese has a 1/4 cup of butter. i freaking eat. no chia seeds though. but anyway, he checked everything out (i thought it might be my thyroid, he agreed... and it wasnt). we talked about diet and running and my low heart rate and low blood pressure and high metabolism... and he literally said to me "i dont get to tell many of my patients this, but you can have a bowl of ice cream after dinner. every night". you should always listen to my doctor, smart guy. but even with that my weight has plateaued. i didnt expect to (or want to) get back to my pre pregnancy weight after having henry, and im almost 10lbs below that. am i upset about it? no. i feel im still healthy. but the comments hurt sometimes because everyone thinks im too skinny and relates it to my running and that i run too much and that i dont eat so im obviously anorexic. you dont know that it pains me to see the numbers on the scale like it might for people with the opposite problem as me. i cant help this and i wont apologize to anyone for what i do. im sure i could add 8 more smoothies with kale and chia seeds into my diet instead of a 1/4 cup of butter but i enjoy nachos and cheese and avacados and bud light and sugar filled granola with greek yogurt and whole boxes of mac and cheese and all the coffee every single freaking day.

hrumph. ok this was supposed to be about running. apparently my fingers had other another agenda in mind. hi im back to blogging, heres many of the bitchy things i wanted to say over the past 6 months coming out at ya!! quite the welcome back party. (ill keep other bitchy things to myself. for now).

but ok, RUNNING! yay! 4% of my day, week, month, year. 4% of the year doesnt seem like much, now does it? i might reiterate this many many times. i used to do monthly recaps and i liked that at one point, so i think ill maybe start that back up again in hopes i can keep myself accountable to big goals for the fall and into next year. (totally copying format from my running twinsie... minus the fancy graphs, cuz how?! and no fitsnap pics cuz droid).

year in review
(well, mid year i guess i should say)

total miles: 1016.09
(seems like a lot, right? do the math, its still only 5.6 miles per day)

jan 165.52
feb 153.84
mar 214.9
apr 173.26
may 158.57
june 150

total runs: 123
(meaning i took 58 rest days! so much math)

total runs on the treadmill: 40. barf.
(longest treadmill run: 18 miles. double barf. but it was awesome)

highest weekly mileage: 56.1 (highest weekly mileage ever i think)

highest monthly mileage: march 214.9 miles (also highest month ever)

earliest my alarm was set for to run: 3:50. am.

# of shoes: 3, two pairs of brooks launch (same color since they wont make any cool ones like the other types they have), and ghost 6. ive run my races in the launch (lighter) and training in both. im starting to do my recovery runs in adrenalines that a friend sent me to see if it helps with some lower back stuff ive been dealing with, and ill probably order another pair of the launch for the fall (same color, since apparently new colors arent coming out until february. thats too late brooks! guess i shouldnt complain since they didnt discontinue them)

frozen 5k - 21:56 new PR
mid winter classic 10 mile race - 1:16:15 new PR
westbrook winter west 5k - 22:07
great bay half marathon - 1:40:11 new PR
gorham lions club 10k - 44:47 new PR
maine coast marathon - 3:37:08 new PR
pineland farms 25k trail race - 2:16:32 new PR


favorite race: maine coast marathon
so many ups and downs, i learned a lot about running and myself along those 26.2 miles, and i have a lot to take away from that day and the 18 weeks leading up to it. am i over the fact that i missed boston by such a small amount of time? no. but ill get there when i get there. stupid weather.

upcoming races:
bradbury scuffle 6 mile trail race
beach to beacon 10k
bradbury mountain breaker 9 mile trail race
bradbury bruiser 12 mile trail race
chicago marathon
mdi marathon relay

well there you have it. at least ill maybe have 6 more blogs to write. off to go eat some butter now!


  1. you crack me up and I'm glad you are back. I feel like my life is not complete without a "no capital letter" blog to read. Keep running and eating and licking butter. Life is good!

  2. chicago! chicago! chicago!

  3. Amazing mileage - you rock!!! So many people I know run Chicago this ear, I might get race-jealousy LOL