Wednesday, August 6, 2014

july recap + beach to beacon 10k

july miles

# of runs/actual miles scheduled:

# of runs i missed and just said oh well. f it. running sucks. i quit. peace out chicago:
3 (i guess it doesnt make me look sooooo bad and loser-ish/dramatic now that i write it down)
(also note: im back to not hating running and still going to chicago. incase there was any doubt)

# of miles on treadmill:
8. humidity can seriously just kiss my butt.

highest weekly mileage

i tried vanilla gu and didnt die or puke. ill probably never use it again though.

bradbury scuffle 6 mile trail race

july was pretty boring, so here are some cute hen pics:

checking out his new baby cousin

"uh henry, dont you know we dont wear shoes on the couch?"

beach to beacon 10k recap

last weekends beach to beacon 10k once again proved to be a great race from start to finish. registration was way back in march, and it sold out in 4 minutes and 32 seconds... 5 seconds slower than this years winners average pace per mile for the race (Bedan Karoki Muchiri, 23 years old from Kenya, finishing time of 27:37 pace 4:27.

with close to 7,000 people running the 6.2 mile race along a small coastal new england town, it would seem like things would be very hectic. but over the past 17 years, Joan Benoit Samuelson and her team (now joined by Boston Marathon race director Dave McGillivray) have made this one of the most organized and well respected races in the world. and if you have never run it... what are you waiting for?!

i woke up saturday not feeling like i wanted to race. or really run at all actually. thats how i have been lately, mileage for the week leading up to the race totaling a whopping 13 miles. not quite what peak marathon training looks like. but i had gotten a sweet package in the mail friday (great timing!) and figured id give it a shot (thanks again, row!)

great to have good friends when your racing shoe stops being made

what a difference a year makes! and ty sure loves orange

kim, jason, ty, me, jamie, ali

we packed up hen and headed over to my parents house a little earlier than we did last year to ensure we made it before they closed the roads. we were there in plenty of time, a few friends met us over there, and we drove up to the start to park in the field and warm up a bit/wait in the bathroom line before the race. the air was cool temperature wise, but it was starting to get humid. it was looking like it might rain as well, which actually would have been welcomed (but it didnt rain, so just the humidity. yay).

my plan was to try to go out at about a 7:10/7:15 pace, but getting to the self seeded area proved to be very difficult. my mouth felt so dry but luckily they had tables of water cups lined up near the start line so i grabbed one and sipped on it while trying to make my way through the crowd of people. i eventually ended up just after the 9:00 min/mile sign, and really couldnt go any further. i was nervous about having to weave in and out of people but it was just so packed. my friend betsy ended up finding me in the crowd and we chatted until the race started. i think they started the race a few minutes later than planned, and it was stop and go for a few minutes before the crowd opened up and we were off. slight uphill for about a half mile and then straight away until mile 2.

mile 1: 7:14

i stayed fairly close to the middle/right of the road, and got to the first water stop at mile 1 rather quickly. i was already sweating pretty bad so i grabbed a water, drank half of it and dumped the rest down my back. there were lots of people lining the sides of the road as usual, and i didnt wear my headphones and just took in the crowd cheers.

mile 2: 7:19

from mile 2 to 3 its slightly downhill and shaded, but it was still very humid. the crowds were loud and enthusiastic, which was great but i wasnt feeling all that good. i knew i was running pretty fast and just hoped i could hang on for the next 4 miles, knowing what the last mile was like (up, ugh).

mile 3: 7:29

for about a half mile leading to the mile 3 marker is a pretty steady uphill climb. its in the shade which is nice, but it was still very humid and there are tons of people around you. a water stop is right before the mile 3 mark, and i ended up walking through it, drinking a cup of water and again throwing one on my forehead and back of my neck. i should have brought my handheld.

mile 4: 7:10

turning onto rt 77 after the mile 3 and 3.1 signs is one of my favorite parts of the race. you almost forget your running during this stretch. the streets are lined with spectators, everyones cheering that youre halfway there (and if you stop and think about it, the winners are already done! well usually theyre done.... not this year, i ran a little faster this year). this is the center of town and they line firetrucks out with a huge flag, there is music, people have water hoses... its just like a big party. and as you turn right onto shore road for the last 2.5 mile stretch, the crowd just gets you pumped up. its also slightly downhill, which is a nice relief coming off the mile 3 hill. shortly before the mile 4 sign i could hear a roar up ahead, and as i got closer to the water stop i realized it was the volunteers at/around the water stop. they were LOUD! it was great, and clearly helped me run faster (this was my fastest mile).

mile 5: 7:18

from mile 4 to 5 is pretty downhill/flat. i probably ran mile 4 too fast and didnt have much left to give, and still knew i had a really hard last mile to get through before the finish. during this mile is a very scenic spot where its just you on the road and the atlantic ocean. gorgeous. another water stop right around mile 5, more water for my neck. i was drenched, but feeling ok at this point (yet at the same time ready for the race to be done). this is a very fast course and it feels like you blink and youre at mile 5.

mile 6: 7:31

the last mile of this race is tough. really tough. up a hill, then down. and up another hill. and another. and as you run into fort williams park, one last steep hill hits you right when youre ready to throw in the towel (i was at least). but like all of the other miles along this course, the crowd helps push you. no one lets you quit on this course, and its an amazing feeling when you hear your name being called out (love that your name is on the bib!) that last stretch seems like it takes forever, but i gave it all i had and crossed that line with a huge smile on my face, throwing my hands up, realizing i ran this course the fastest i ever have before.

last 0.27 miles: 1:39 (6:06 pace)

but better than my own finish was the overall womens race... Shalane knew an american woman had never won this race, and she clearly gave it all she had right to the very end. step for step.

winner Gemma Steel from the UK in 31:26.7 (5:04 pace)
Shalane Flanagan 31:27.0

a 10k with Meb, Joanie, Gemma and Shalane... nothin like that feeling

i found leslie after the race and she snapped this gem, then we went and got some food at the hannaford tents and waited in the lines for the shuttles back to where we parked. overall a really great day!

beach to beacon 10k
official time: 45:38
806th out of 6490 runners
23rd out of 497 F30-34 age group


  1. Good race! And wicked high July mileage too, good for you- it was a really hot month so not easy to get done.... I think I ran 41 miles in July so you've got me best by a lot! Keep up the good work speedster.
    I do get excited for your blog, I've basically quit the internet but as you can see I immediately jump back on the SECOND you post! #stalker ;-)

    1. do u want to run the rest of my miles for me for august? or at least this week? :-)

  2. I was feeling all good about my 64 miles for the month (which is a record high for me!) until I read your miles…. womp womp. (typing that was annoying cause it kept autocorrecting to womb….) Anyway, so sad I missed the B2B this year. wah.

  3. Yay! A great blog post! Congratulations on an awesome race. I think I may need to add this race to my bucket list some day (plus, I've never done a race in Maine).

    1. thanks! yes, you must come race, run, visit :-)

  4. Great month! I love Beach to Beacon and hope to get up to it again soon. The women's finish was just crazy!

  5. What an amazing race!!! Holy photos of Shalane!!! Also, Hen is WALKING?! I've been out of the blogosphere for way too long. WHAT A CUTIE!!!

  6. Wow, huge mileage for July, you will do awesome in Chicago!!