Tuesday, November 3, 2015

a fitting restart

well, i guess im back.

i think.

knock knock. anyone there? dust off the cobwebs here...

ive read and re-read my chicago recap (the last entry here over a year ago) over and over... and i still feel, as i did at the time, that it was a very fitting end to a long journey that this blog had been on over the years. tuesday october 27th, 2009- "and it begins... so here i am... not sure exactly why right now, but maybe as we move along here ill figure something out. hows that?!" thats how this blog started, a big leap into the unknown.

(do people blog anymore?)

throughout the years of writing i went from running my first marathon, never believing that id ever be fast enough to qualify for the boston marathon, to finishing my 10th marathon and qualifying by 4 minutes and 57 seconds (and a whole lot of really random shit along the way as well. how exciting). i got married, bought a house, had a kid... lots can happen in 5 years i guess!

(and apparently a year... wow, the last pic i posted of hen on here from last august vs. now. hes a giant! as if there was ever any doubt how he'd turn out...)

awww little baby hen! still mama's baby for sure.

but looking back on it all now, i realized my "journey" really isnt over. although my blog was never some sort of "lets document the struggles and successes on my way to qualifying", thats kinda what it became. and this break for the last year was much needed.

ive got spreadsheets and lists and journal documentations of all the runs and times and races and sprint workouts and squats/crunches/planks i did this year (how boring! and obsessive...). i needed that break from documenting it all on here (and surely havent had the time to sit and write with a energetic toddler always up in my business!), but i felt that ill forever be mad at myself if i blogged for all the years leading up to qualifying for boston and then didnt give the actual race its fair share of documentation.

...to be continued...


  1. Something told me to check your blog post today... and LOOK WHAT I FOUND! I may have squeaked with excitement =) The journey needs to continue until you take that right on Hereford, left on Boylston, all the way down to the finish line. I am so excited for you! <3 <3

  2. I just published my first blog post in 6 months...loved taking the break.