Wednesday, April 20, 2016


putting 18 months of anticipation, 15 weeks of hard training, and finally 3 hours 46 minutes and 14 seconds of pure happiness into words is quite a bit harder than i thought it might be (who am i kidding, the official boston marathon blog is going to take a long time to write, i know this. and likely a lot of bud light). the weeks of training are well documented. the actual race has yet to still even sink in...


i boarded a bus in boston common (bus #22 obviously). i hung out in tents and numerous porta potty lines in athletes village (and they had free water!). i sat and joked and acted silly (read: nervous) and ate food took so many selfies and lathered on sunscreen with friends. i walked (so far) to the start line and i got in a corral and i started the race with thousands of others.


i ran from hopkinton to ashland, framingham, and natick, thru the scream tunnel in wellesley, slowly through newton and its relentless hills, thru brookline, and into boston. right on hereford, left on boylston. smiling with each and every step.

it was over 70 degrees at the start of the race. i ran 10 miles on pace. i made necessary decisions between miles 10-13, and adjusted my game plan in order to get to the finish line, my ultimate AA goal:

goals for the BOSTON MARATHON: (is this real life?!)
AA (no more bud light? haha funny. jk. never happen. and not that kind of AA): 
get a medal with a unicorn on it! (you get that at the finish!)

AA goal: achieved.


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  1. I'm so freaking proud of you! It's been so great getting to follow along and watch your journey to the Land O' the Unicorns! I can't wait for the real blog post. ;)