Wednesday, October 28, 2009

running? i dont think so...

if someone had told me back in high school that i would ever love running, i would have fallen over cuz i would be laughing so hard. sure i played soccer and basketball, but the most we ever had to run was 2.5 miles in under 25 minutes to make the varsity team so i dealt with that. college basketball was a bit different with 5am track workouts and a few 3 or 4 mile runs here and there. again, able to deal with that (although i complained, a lot).

fast forward to fall of my senior year. Elmira College put on a "Pumpkin Run 5k", and because the students on campus were so into campus activities, about 6 people showed up. i was one of them. and guess what happened?!

im sure my time was something a turtle could keep pace with, but still, I WON! im not going to say this was any sort of turning point in my life, but soon after i came up with a plan. i told one of my friends "i think ill run a marathon some day". 30 became the magic number. i was 22 at the time. i thought 30 was forever and a day away.

i took "jogging" for the last 6 weeks of college (third term as it was called). yes, the class was called "jogging" and yes you paid money for the credits. fun fact: the syllabus even said you could walk. sweet! sign me up. so pretty much my lovely step father paid about $100/credit hour for me to walk/jog the streets of new york most likely hungover three mornings a week to end my college career (my other class was CPR. dont you wish you went to school there too?! ridiculous).

the rest, i guess you can say, is history...

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  1. My cousin Kasey (she doubles as our babysitter so you'll hear about her from time to time) went to Elmira. She did NOT take "jogging" class though. She took Bowling instead. She said jogging was too early in the morning. Nice college you'll went to!