Thursday, October 29, 2009

a blog with a purpose!

for the potential 3 people out there who may ever read this, you will be excited to learn that this blog now has a purpose!!! (i mean, im cool... somewhat attractive... most often a fun loving person to be around, so really does it need a purpose?! yes, yes it needs a purpose. even i have my moments. this blog could get really random real quick).

so what is the decided purpose? documentation of my NEW YEARS RESOLUTION 2010:

you ready for this?

im gonna run (at least) one road race each month! and then im gonna write all about it, complete with posts, pics, and tweets (oh yeah, i tweet while i run. id like to think im quite multi-talented)

so here is the breakdown of the official races- (with a few rough estimate dates based on 2009)

  • january 10th- scarborough frozen 5k

  • february 7th- midwinter classic 10 miler (fun fact: this is superbowl sunday. i do this race ever year, and yes, i really only do it so i can eat as many chips/dips/chicken wings/beer as i so desire on that day)

  • march 13th- irish road rover 5k

  • april 4th- great bay, nh half marathon

  • may 16th- sugarloaf marathon

  • june 19th- close to the coast 10k

  • july 4th- llbean 10k

  • august 7th- beach 2 beacon 10k

  • september 17-18th- Reach the Beach 200 mile relay

  • october 10th- chicago marathon

  • november 21st-turkey trot 5k

  • december 5th- jingle bell 5k run
so there you have it. 127+ miles, not including any extra races i may throw myself into and the endless miles of training. im even having a tshirt made up from (ETA december 24th... a post will come later with pics, i promise) which i will wear for all 12 races. i had thought about (*gasp) being a bandit (just showing up on race day, not paying the entry fee) for a few (ok probably more than a few) of these races, and then realized it would be much more fun to have the race numbers, know my official times (any PRs? lets hope so!), and maybe add a few medals to my current collection. and since the boy and i are not planning a wedding for 2010, i figure i have some time and money i can spend :-) (xoxo love you ty!)

so for all who care to follow along, sit back and enjoy the ride. its bound to get pretty hardcore.

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  1. This is a great list of goals! I feel inspired.