Friday, January 1, 2010

a slight change in plans

it is with great sadness that i report a change in the "12 in 2010" plans. melissa and i will no longer be going to chicago on 10/10/10 to run the marathon... i will either be running the maine marathon again or perhaps the mount desert island marathon (*fun fact- MDI marathon was recently voted 2nd in best overall marathons in runners world). why the change? IM PLANNING MY WEDDING!!!! yes, its true. the boy who i never thought would commit popped the question after snowshoeing at hunting camp on christmas eve morning. although the wedding will not fall in 2010 (right now its planned for 1/1/11), the money will be spent this year, thus chicago will need to happen at another time.

i wanted to start 2010 out in a hardcore way with a 'resolution run' yesterday morning, but i woke up with a sore throat, no voice, and a runny nose so i thought running 6.2 miles in a snowstorm wasnt the best idea. so my first official race of the year is still planned for next sunday, then sugarloaf marathon training starts the next day!! so pumped for that. tyler and i also are taking 90 days off from drinking any alcohol as well as doing p90x and just overall trying to get back into shape. we definitely need it!

so i will now say goodbye to 2009. what a year..... if only i could explain. for now, ill let the pictures do the talking.

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