Tuesday, January 26, 2010

tri bound?

let me start out by saying that i am a runner. i am not a swimmer. or a bicyclist. sure i went to pool parties back in my middle school years, even attended a swim meet in high school, but i dont swim. my friend sarah and i went and swam laps the other day and it was more or less attempting to stay afloat, lots of complaining about how cold the water was, attempting to swim (aka not drown) to the other end, stopping at the wall and to try and breathe without inhaling a gallon of water, and repeating x21. biking is the rather similar... i get on the bike with big dreams and end up with sore legs and completely hating life after about 3 miles.

i had the day off today and i had to run 3 miles for sugarloaf training, so i thought i would be a bit more hardcore than usual and see what i was really made of. there is a pool/fitness center in my hometown, so i packed up my bag and headed over there.
the air in the pool was very warm/humid. the water was not warm. at all. it would be lovely if pool water was like bath water, it would make me want to swim more i think (and ps- NEVER will i do a triathlon in the ocean. NEVER EVER. no way.)
so i started my watch and took off.... i wanted to try to do that fun flip move at the wall but that was a huge fail. and i dont have goggles yet so my form is less than desireable (i will need to work on that). i only stopped the watch once and that was after i realized i was in the "fast" swim lap lane and moved myself into the "slow as death, might die trying" lane. when i got to lap 15 my top came undone, im sure that was fun for some people but it delayed me a few seconds to get that all put back together, and my watch was at the other end of the pool. oh well, i guess if this really happens in a race the time wont stop for something like that (direct quote from my friend andrea: "you need a one piece". yeah.)
so i didnt die swimming, and 21 laps happened in 12 minutes and 54 seconds. not great but not terrible for my first time really trying without stopping.

next up, the bike. ugh. i cant tell you how much i hate biking. i even bought a bike like 4 years ago thinking i would get into it. no. that thing has been taken out of my parents garage maybe 3 times. oh and the transition from pool to bike, not good. forgot my towel in the car so i dried off with my tank top. we'll just say that i will need to work on transitions before i even attempt to do something like this in public.

the biking actually wasnt so bad, although i did take a mini break at 6 miles to go to the bathroom. i know it would be different if i was out on the road and had others around me pushing me to do better, but i was pretty lazy... level 8. had some good tunes though. total biking time- 41:10.

the transition to the treadmill was much better than pool to bike, especially since i just had to walk two feet. i stretched a little and took off (on what is bound to be the slowest starting treadmill in the world... glad i had my nike+ for time/distance tracking).

after about a half mile i started getting really light headed and my legs felt like jello. probably not the best idea to have done this after eating only 10 or so almonds for breakfast, but live and learn i guess. i stopped a few times to drink water but ultimately finished. 3.1 run- 25:16. actually not as slow as i thought i would have been after what i had already been through. win!

im not entirely sure i have convinced myself to do a real sprint tri quite yet, but at least i know i didnt die so there is hope. and i can tell you one thing, you will never see my name on a list of iron man results. you people are certifiably insane.

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