Thursday, September 2, 2010

18 mile run fail

i do a lot of stupid things quite often. i dont think anyone would disagree with that. but for once i thought i made a really smart decision by starting my 18 mile training run very early this morning so as to miss the extreme mid 90's heat wave expected again for today. apparently 4:45am was not early enough. channel 6 news told me it was already 71 degrees. awesome.

but alas, off i went anyway. i had packed my camelbak last night (i went and got a new one, sans mold) with gum, money, and two gu's. i knew the sun wouldnt be coming out for awhile, so i grabbed my electric yellow reflective vest and my headlamp and headed out. the humidity hit me pretty hard at first but i settled in and felt pretty good for the first few miles. i didnt wear my headphones until the sun came out to make my step father happy (it was actually a little scary out there all alone, so i wanted to make sure i could use all my senses).

the sun started to rise around mile 4, so i took off my headlamp and vest and put on my headphones. at this point i already knew the rest of my run was going to be tough and decided i was just going to get to mile 5 and turn back. but after putting my music on i got an extra surge of energy and thought i might be ok, so i kept going.

i was running out of water (i wanted to make sure i was drinking a LOT) so i stopped at the store we own and visited with my step father for a bit. he thinks im crazy and made sure to tell me. i thanked him for more water and left to go home. i was almost to 9 miles and knew it was 3 back to the apartment so i figured i would just stop when i got there. but like before i got another burst of energy and thought i could continue on. i stopped off at the apartment to drop off my camelbak and fill up a handheld and thats where i began to feel really sick. i tried to pee but couldnt. i suddenly got light headed and needed to lie down. ty was not impressed an told me not to continue. i agreed.

sparing you any graphic details, i spent the next hour or so in the bathroom. i was dry heaving continuously. i tried to drink water but felt even more sick. when i felt just a tiny bit better i attempted to shower. this resulted in getting very dizzy, feeling like i was going to pass out, and almost throwing up again. i didnt even have the energy to put on clothes after the shower, i just got into bed. i ended up falling asleep for the next 3 and a half hours, and felt ok when i got up. i ate a bowl of cereal and drank a ton of water knowing i needed something inside me. i had a dentist appointment to go to which i was nervous about but all went well (he is a runner too, so he understood what i was going through, although he started his run 45 minutes before me. probably a smarter idea). i told him if i threw up or passed out to call my mom. he laughed.

after the dentist i had more water and an iced coffee. i had yet to go to the bathroom, which i figured was not a good sign. but, eventually i had the urge to pee and although its not quite clear yet we are getting there. since getting home ive been lying on the couch watching re-runs of beverly hills 90210 in honor of todays super awesome date 9/02/10 :) what a nerd.

all in all today was an overall suckfest. do i want to do this again? no. will i? most likely.

for your viewing pleasure, here is your 12 mile tour in pics:

mile 1, dunkin donuts just opening

mile 2, casco bay bridge

mile 3, holy tourist trap batman

mile 4, top of east end overlooking casco bay

mile 5, overlooking back cove

mile 6, back cove trail off I-295

mile 7, home of the portland sea dogs

mile 8, hi dad!

mile 9, my old apartment on pine street

mile 10, sunrise over casco bay

mile 11, heading towards my home town

mile 12, my favorite sign at the ghetto getty


  1. ahhh I love the photo tour even if the run left you not so awesome. Seriously that sucks to wake up THAT early and still get screwed by the weather. ick.

  2. oh, not good. Im glad your doing better though~this heat will be over soon so you can get those long runs in.
    Beautiful pics of your run even though it was not a beautiful run...
    random thought: how does anyone afford to smoke at $7.72/pk (the pic of dad at the store) wow!!