Wednesday, September 15, 2010

why september is wicked awesome

i love september. actually, i love the fall. i know, technically its still "summer" but september in maine means warm days followed by cool nights. perfect sleeping weather. leaves on the trees are changing. jeans, uggs and hoodies come out of the closet once again. my ideal home would be in a place where it is september/october/november maine weather on repeat. seriously, if there are people out there that dont enjoy fall i dont think we can be friends.

but this years september/beginning of fall is different for a few reasons.... and heres why.

1. these came out this week and are now in my possession

2. big brother 12 finale was tonight. i wont ruin it for anyone if you havent seen last nights dramatic (read: lame but still highly addicting) episode. this season was nothing short of a train wreck, but i obviously watched religiously 3x/week as 13 house guests competed to win half a million dollars. this season was all about the "social game". yawn. although a few of the house guests were awesome eye candy, nothing will ever beat the past two seasons. i seriously want to be on this show.

3. pumpkin EVERYTHING. i know thats not specific to this year, but i had to throw it in there because im truly obsessed

4. race #9 of my 12 in 2010 series (read about that here) is this weekend!! reach the beach 200 mile relay in new hampshire. i did this race last year and!! well honestly a lot of it really sucks but thats all part of the whole experience. 12 runners, 24ish hours, 200 miles, barely any sleep... you get the idea. overall its super sweet and im excited its already here. last years race report can be read here, but ill write a new one next week so id just wait for that one if i were you.

i designed these shirts for our team this year and my friend andrea got them made. i think they came out pretty sweet. (our teams name is "run faster finish sooner"

5. theres only 107 days to go until our wedding!! which also means his month we will go into double digits!! clearly im a little excited. (!!!!!!!)

6. speaking of weddings, tyler and i were in a wedding this past weekend of some good friends of ours, and my brothers wedding is this weekend (after i run the race im headed right to the wedding.... with barely any sleep.... yippee!) here are a few sweet pics from this past weekend. we had perfect weather which made for a beautiful day for a wedding on the coast of maine.

the rehearsal dinner kicked off the weekend with a maine lobster bake

it got pretty chilly, so these warmers were key

late night game of checkers anyone?

september 11th, 2011.....never forget

i have to wear these for how long?

im a little obsessed with her shoes.... and if i could walk in them, id be wearing them on january 1st

i might be a little biased but i think we were quite a good looking bridal party

who wouldnt love an open bar that looked like this!? mmmmmm pumpkinhead

"so hold on to me tight, hold on to me tonight... we are stronger here together than we could ever be alone... so hold onto me, dont you ever let me go"


  1. ahhh! hoodies! my favorite time of year!!!!!! <3

    have tons of fun this weekend!

  2. GLEE! Obsessed as well. And can't get enough pumpkin. :) If you find that magical place that is fall weather year round, please let me know. I'll move w/you and be your running buddy. :)