Thursday, April 7, 2011

the hunting continues

last saturday we headed out for round 2 of our house hunting adventures. if you missed round one, click here

we havent had great luck... so i was really hoping we would see something on this outing that could at least have potential. our first house was the one i was most excited about. the website said it was "move in ready", just built, hardwood floors, daylight basement, maple kitchen with island.... alright, show us what ya got!

house #1...
the outside looks nice...

walking in the front door... stairs unfinished, boxes in the hallway....

the kitchen cabinets were in boxes in what will be the living room... no hardwood floors down yet...

tyler's trying to imagine what living in a house without a kitchen would be like...

the windows are nice...

unfinished basement, but thats alright

master bedroom, no carpet yet

master closet

2nd bedroom

3rd bedroom

daylight basement might have been the only thing the website was right about... and tyler fits!

and then we found a problem. is that water? UGH!
(long story short its not as bad as we thought... but i was so pissed at the time)

oh yeah, and there was a death trap... no deck outside the sliding glass doors from the dining room. awesome. (doors are about 8 feet off the ground)

house #2 looked nice, but it was much more expensive. go figure.

this hallway was not full of boxes

it had a kitchen!!

a master walk in closet...

...that connected to the master bath!

oh, and the added bonus of the foundation having three cracks in the basement. SERIOUSLY?!
wouldnt you want to move right in?

moving on. house #3 was sitting on the corner lot of a super busy road. i already knew no matter what the house looked like we werent going to buy it. but we looked anyway.

no surprise here

but i LOVED the little boys room :)

and the little nook in the master warmed my heart
(but ty couldnt stand up in that corner... who are we kidding though, was he going to be rocking the baby to sleep each night? hehe)

the layout of many houses in this area, a true new england cape

on our way to the other houses i was so annoyed with what we had seen i just stared out of the window and enjoyed looking at the clouds

house #4 was one that i had really liked online. it was affordable for us and looked to have some nice updates. the outside was kinda different though...

ty just fits...

nice big fenced in backyard

i LOVED the red kitchen with white cabinets

do these come with the house??

cute basement with a pellet stove

and this was a huge bonus!

but alas, we keep looking. house #5 had a super sweet kids sand box out back, yay lobsters!

and a spacious daylight basement

but the drop ceiling was too low for ty's giantness
surprise, surprise

(no wonder girls turn into princesses hehe)

and finally, house #6

i liked their flowerbox, go purple & gold! (my alma mater colors)
(i was so ready to go home at this point)

this cat was so scary, he had two different colored eyes and when he opened his mouth it was like a snake mouth with fangs. if we were to buy this house i would never forget that cat.


shortly after he knocked his head off the beam.

but this house left us chocolate! i had about 15.

so that was saturday. on tuesday, ty went back to house #1 and met with the builder. he said they had just kinda dragged their feet in finishing the house since there hadnt been any interest from buyers so thats why the house was not "move in ready" like it had said. they told ty the kitchen and bathrooms can be put in this week/weekend and the house could be ready in 2 weeks. the issue with the water was from the bulkhead door being open for builders/contractors to go in and out, and when we had all the snow on friday some of it had gotten in. so that was a little more reassuring.

overall we really like the house. were hoping to go in and see the kitchen once its in place just to make sure its what we would want (not that we can change it but still, we dont want to put in a blind offer!). if it were up to me i would put in an offer right now just so that we dont lose it (im pretty quick to make decisions which drives tyler nuts!), but i would like to see the kitchen all done just to make sure. (of course ive already started decorating the house in my mind... i cant help it!)

keeping my fingers crossed!


  1. I liked #1 too even not done --
    if you get the house with the creepy doll, does it come with it?? something to think about

  2. House #1 is very nice! I hope it works out for you!