Saturday, April 2, 2011

house hunters

im pretty sure no one is more annoyed with the show "house hunters" than i am. every episode makes me want to do three things:
1. yell at sandra
2. move to a southern state
3. figure out what other people my age do for work cuz i sure as hell cant afford a $450,000 home

one of my biggest pet peeves about this ridiculous show is the fact that sandra is ALWAYS showing people houses that are waaaaaayy to high priced! she KNOWS what they were approved for. she KNOWS what they want to spend. yet time after time these couples fall in love with houses that are $100,000 over their budget. wow. awesome reality tv. (yet i keep watching....)

and seriously, what do these people do that gives them all this money?! and why is maine such a freaking expensive place to live?!

ugh. alright. well now that we've been married for 3 months and have been living in this apartment for 3 years too many, its time we start writing checks that are gonna build us some equity. did you see my post about our guest bedroom? THIS is why we need to move. i think you will agree.

so we have our broker, and we narrowed down a few of the towns we want to look in, and we know what we can (and cant) afford. so far, this is what weve seen:

just built. wooded area. i loved it.
 seller was going to put in stainless steel appliances. bonus.
bedrooms were small, and the "formal dining room" was not for us.
moving on.

 older home....
 giant husband.
moving on.
 i think if we bought this house i would never forget the things that used to be there...
moving on.
 nice kitchen...
 cute porch with a view of the marsh...
 this is becoming the norm.
moving on.
 already know from the outside what our problem will be...
 didnt expect a scary torture room (or brew closet... but still scary)
 knew this was coming.
 (just to put his giantism in perspective)
moving on.


this was my DREAM HOME. too bad taxes were $4,000.00 and our mortgage would be thru the roof.
i still cant stop thinking about this house.

were seeing 7 more houses today. 3 are brand new, which ive decided is what i want. (see above pic of dream home). its also more or less the only houses that my giant husband fits into. i love the hardwood floors, new windows, tall ceilings. not having to worry about a leaking roof is an added bonus as well.

ill be sure to take pics today and have a follow up post. i swear if we dont find a house soon, im moving to south dakota.


  1. Or you could just move to Oxford! :) At least you'd have someone to run with.

  2. ugh, house hunting is so annoying. we looked at over 30 houses and it took 6 months. hopefully you will find your dream house today.

  3. Um. I kind of love that obnoxious green kitchen.

    Seriously, house hunting is tough work. You'll know when you find the ONE. Good luck!

  4. eeep. even *I* don't like the green kitchen (although I do adore the black and white checkered floor!)

    Move to SoDak nooooooooooooooow. :D bhahahah