Tuesday, June 14, 2011


for about ten minutes, i have access to the internet... so i figured i would just put in a small update for all of you that are totally missing me in the blogger world (come on, just admit it. its ok... support group will meet tomorrow night, at the bar).

ive been running... not great runs, and not exactly what the training plan calls for, but its running none the less. ill really step things up next week. i promise.

were also all moved into the house. i spent my first night there alone last night as ty was in north carolina for work... a few scary noises, and i thought someone was lurking around downstairs when i was up in the bathroom, but other than that things went fine. we still have no cable or internet but im through the entire first season of glee, and many episodes of friends. needless to say ive kept myself occupied.

here is my favorite part of the house so far (well my two favorite parts):

master bedroom time out chair corner seat

wedding montage

hopefully ill be back in the world of internet next week, were off to visit friends in pennsylvania this weekend... including hershey park! mmmmm chocolate :)


  1. i just FB-stalked all the pics, i love it!!

  2. Um, how cute is everything? Love it.