Saturday, July 9, 2011

playing catch up

things ive done in the past month that may or may not be of any interest to you but figured i would play catch up so i can start blogging like a regular person again.

my boss and i measured our calves... please note the difference in mine
(disregard that yes, my calves are ridiculously ginormous)

pinnacle whipped vodka + pinnacle cake vodka + chocolate syrup = heaven

yup. BOSTON baby.

saw the most awesomest red sox bumper sticker EVER.

somehow i learned to garden

my family grew a little bigger

we shut the door on our first apartment together
we went to hershey park!

and rode some really scary wicked awesome roller coasters

and spent time with great friends
meet rupert, claude, and norman... who made for a wonderful dinner

again, with great friends

and homemade ice cream!

i discovered my camera doesnt have a "star" option

ran the 4th of july 10k with julia

forgot a pretty big part of the coffee maker one morning...

above mentioned pretty important part

and we've continued to turn the front porch white
(next time i hire someone)

9 weeks of pure entertainment starting yesterday...

aaaaand i chopped off all my hair!

next up: my very first trip to the chiropractor! hope everyone had a safe and happy 4th of july weekend


  1. Love the hair! Love the update :)
    Congrats on the house

  2. i think i knew all of these except your hair! it's cute but maybe you should comb it.