Thursday, September 22, 2011

challenge update

remember back in may when i had this huge marathon goal and told everyone i was going to kick my current marathon PR in the a$$?

yeah. i dont know that its gonna happen. life really kicked ME in the ass this summer. it happens. and im a stronger person for it, but not so much a faster person. and im alright with that.

BUT, there is still a challenge going on. remember THIS? and THIS?
oh its still on. (but im pretty much already planning what sort of maine goodie basket will be sent to so-dak, haha).

jeri's current 2011 race times:
5k- 23:09
10k- 49:27
1/2- 1:50:57
full- 4:25:09

my current 2011 race times:
5k- 24:48
10k- 51:06
1/2- 1:52:18
full- TBD

so for me to win this challenge as it stands right now, i need 4:20:29 for the marathon next sunday. however, jeri is still planning on racing another 5k, 10k, AND half. ugh. im still hoping to finish the marathon by some point on tuesday.

i do have a couple 5k's and a potential half i could do, but we'll see. i gotta get myself through the next 4 weeks before i even think about racing anything else....


  1. bahahahahahah-->im still hoping to finish the marathon by some point on tuesday.

    You crack me up. I say that if we end up within a minute of each other, we call it like the price's right, and we both send each other gift baskets!

    I'm going to be cheering so FREAKIN' hard for you. One of us should PR a marathon this year for eff's sake.

  2. I'll be cheering my ass off for you as well!