Tuesday, May 3, 2011

a little friendly (competitive) bet

so you see, theres this girl who lives waaaaaay far away from here (here = maine). waaaaaay far away is south dakota. her name is jeri, and you should head on over and say hi to her (HERE and HERE).

meet jeri:

hi jeri!

shes way cool and loves the green bay packers and all things green, and running, and shes awesome.

and about that whole "she loves running" thing... shes also fast. lets take a look at her race PR's:

5k- 23:55 (7:42) Beresford Celebration
10k- (no official 10k race... really?) *update- 1st official 10k race is this saturday. potentially redeeming.
13.1- 1:50:57 (8:28) River Rat Half
26.2- 4:12:00 (9:37) Cellcom Green Bay Marathon

so now let us compare, shall we?

meet danielle (oh hi, thats me!):
hi danielle!

im pretty cool too, and i love pink and beer and the red sox.... and oh yeah, running. so lets take a look at my PR's:

5k- 23:24 (7:32) Frozen 5k
10k- 47:50 (7:42) (beach to beacon 2009, no blog recap... since i had no blog then)
13.1- 1:51:23 (8:30) Maine Coast Half
26.2- 4:15:25 (9:45) Sugarloaf Marathon

so why the introductions? well you see, jeri and i have been overly slightly competitive throughout the last year with our races, going back and forth with times and PR's. we (and by we i mean jeri) decided it was time to have a little friendly competition. heres what we (again, jeri) came up with:


@ New challenge...? Whomever has the lowest cumulative time for best 5k/10k/HM/full for 2011 wins something sweet. Thoughts?

why yes, jeri, that sounds like a fabulous idea!

so far this year jeri has run a 5k (27:27) and a half marathon (1:50:57). (alright, alright... please note: this 5k was a fun run. she is much faster than this and will of course run another one which will bring her closer to beating me.... but will she really?) her 10k is this weekend, and she has a marathon coming up in may. so far this year i have run a 5k (24:48) and a half marathon (1:52:18). not to get competitive or anything, but so far im winning (by 1 minute and 18 seconds).

get how this works? we have until the end of the year to run any race of those four distances to try to be the fastest. i dont have an extensive race schedule planned out but i do know that i will CRUSH my marathon PR in october, hoping to go sub 4 hours. my current 10k PR is on the beach to beacon course from 2009 and im running that race again in august. jeri and i have always tried to go 22:xx in a 5k... can we do that this year?

so what are we betting? thats the fun part.... we havent decided yet, and we want YOUR input! online running store gift certificate? a surprise gift for the winner? give us your ideas and we'll pick the best one!

let the racing begin! (also see: "Challenge Accepted!")


  1. Loser travels to a race in 2012 that the winner picks.

  2. oh come on! that 5k was a participation not a race. making me look SLOW! :p jk. I LOVE THIS POST. Way more creative than what I came up with. This is going to be SO MUCH FUN. :D

  3. You ladies are hilarious! I love me some Jeri too!

    Oooooh I like Sam's idea! But if that's too costly I think the online gift certificate is the best of the other options.

  4. could you two be any freaking cuter???
    anyway, this is a lovely little challenge and I cannot wait to see who wins this!!
    I might even throw a little prize into the mix just to make it fun :)

    how about a GC to the spa of the winner's choosing for a ONE HOUR MASSAGE??
    after all that fast running one of you could really us it huh?

  5. I've followed Jeri's blog for a while, and I'm just finding yours through this challenge. Great idea - should be fun to watch. Since you've both got favorite teams (Sox and Packers), I think the loser should have to do something in their rival's gear - Yankees for you and Bears/Vikings for Jeri.

  6. I read both of your posts and you two are so cute! I think whoever wins you are both awesome!

  7. I think the loser comes to visit ME! also, i want to play, my pr's are close! except for, um, never running a full. yuk.

  8. I agree with Evolving Through Running. That would me enough motivation for me. I would hate to wear a New England Patriots or San Franciso 49ers garb. LOL!

  9. I love this! You are too fun--but, I mean, duh, that's why we're friends. I agree with the sports gear one--haha!

  10. So I just referenced this post again for 10k time stalking purposes, and realized that you put your 5k PR time wrong. Cheater cheater pumpkin eater. :P But THEN I realized that means your 5k pace and 10k pace are the SAME and that's just insanity. no question, I won't even be coming CLOSE to that 10k tomorrow. UFF.