Tuesday, May 1, 2012

april recap

run: 137.5 (up 27.5 from last month)
bike: 15 miles. oops (down 97 miles. fail)
swimming: 1.6 miles (up 1.6 miles from last month)

races: great bay half marathon, where i again went sub 1:50 and perfected a sweet outfit and ability to fly. i can now retire this distance i think.

favorite run: 17 miles with no garmin, followed by 18 miles the next weekend with sarah and B. 5 times around a 3.2ish mile loop with great conversation.
favorite song (obsession): "im at a paaaaaaaaayphone"
# of 25k trail races i registered for cuz i had too much free time on my hands: one.
# of running skirts i bought (again, free time): one.
big pimpin moment(s) of the month: THIS and this:


goals for april:
go back to the pool- success. x2
ride the bike outside- also success... and i even got a fancy new road bike for saturdays tri.
attempt to love the heart rate monitor... right now were fighting- and were still fighting... the one day i put it on to start trying to love it, it wouldnt work. oh well. RIP.

may goals:
-dont crash and die on saturday. (can this be my only goal, since if i happen to spontaneously fly off my bike and roll into a ditch and never be found again all the other goals wont matter?)
(ugh... ok, more goals)
-track 800s. anyone? company? hold back my hair while i puke? stand on the sideline and laugh at me?
-strong/smart/stylish (obvs) reach the beach miles & 25k race
-win the lottery (hey, why not)
-convince ty i might need the new saucony kinvara 3's

pfitz 18/55 marathon training recap:

week 1: 32/33
week 2: 37/36
week 3: 22/40 (oops)
week 4: 37.4/42
week 5: 33/45

total running:  161.4 miles/196
ok. so im 34ish miles below what i should be at. im still ok with this. the book reads "recovery week" for this week (12 weeks to go), and that is just what i need. saturdays triathlon wont allow for me to have a 12 mile weekend, but im going to get in a few miles saturday and sunday to get myself ready for a 50 mile week next week. i want to focus on getting stronger in the upcoming weeks and work on my speed. my recovery days dont feel long enough and my speed work/lactate threshold workouts have been suffering because of sore/tired legs. neeeeeeed to focus!

5 weeks down, 12 to go!


  1. Nice run totals - looks like a good month. Good luck in your tri. For what very little it's worth, I'm convinced you need the Kinvaras. New running shoes are never a bad thing.

  2. Very nice job! Good luck with all of your goals for May!

  3. I like your recaps. I shold get the motivation to do a post like this every month (sigh)
    You biked and swam MUCH farther than I did if that makes you feel better...
    My post today was about excellent pimpin' choices too. HAH!

  4. Awesome April! And I concur, you need the Kinvaras. I loooooove mine. :)