Tuesday, August 20, 2013

henry: three months!

we havent had a doctors appointment in awhile, and our next one is in a few weeks, so i weighed him on our scale... just over 13lbs!

chubba wubba!

still seems to be a very healthy baby (knock on wood). he gets pretty nasally sometimes... good thing moms a respiratory therapist and loves to suck out the boogies! (henry isnt a huge fan but he lets me... i think they are from the formula)

it depends on the brand (seems like carters runs small), but henry is definitely in the 3-6, if not 6 month clothes. the other night i put on a pair of 3 month pajamas with the fun animal feet on him that he had never worn before... i couldnt even let him sleep in them because he couldnt stretch out his legs all the way. hes very long! he also got a new tshirt from grandma and grandpa speckman... hank aaron!

still sleeping very well at night and taking two pretty good length naps during the day (sometimes). we put him in his crib somewhere between 8 and 9 and he will start to stir around 5-6am. he loves to fight falling asleep during the day and he is a really good sleeper in the car.

still not really a crier. wet or hungry though, he will let us know (and wont stop until you feed or change him). overall a very happy baby!

lots of smiling, tyler heard him laugh the other day (but we have yet to hear it again), and he is almost rolling over... just cant get over that left arm yet. i also tried to sit him up in the bumbo seat... not quite ready yet.

baby gear love
still loving the piano play mat. he loves to nap in his bouncer seat, and we've used the boppy for feeding which is great. ive also been using the baby bjorn more than the ergo carrier lately, i feel its much cooler while its hot outside, the ergo will be good come winter.

as always, kid comes with me to target a lot. we went to the pool at the marriot when my parents were staying there, and he met friends lauren and paige! he also was invited to my friend sarahs sons 3rd birthday party... it was a superhero theme. R2D2 was the best we could come up with.

sadly we transitioned to the bigger size gdiapers. the smalls were starting to leak and leave marks so we knew it was time to go bigger. the first few days they looked soooooo big on him, but he is certainly growing into them. when using disposables we still use target brand, and are in size 2. i dont like the overnight ones, i prefer the daytime ones with the yellow to blue line.

hen eats all the food. like 30oz a day. but then some days he will eat less than 20oz. if hes not hungry he will just spit it out or not latch onto the bottle. he sure knows what he wants. im still breastfeeding in the morning and at night, and when i am home once or twice during the day (and supplementing on top of the mid day feedings). pumping at work is driving me nuts but im having daily emotional break downs about stopping. ugh.

still loves hanging out with maurice his moo-cow. he enjoys walks and hanging out/goofing around with grandma(s), and reading with grandpa.

friends for life

shes gonna be mad i posted this... hehe

getting his 3 month shots, but hes a trooper! maurice helped make them not hurt so much, but mommy didnt like that henry was upset about the shots (but he had cool camo bandaids!)

henry also isnt so sure he enjoys mommy and grammy putting him in funny hats. we sure think its fun though!

and although he is smiling im pretty sure he wont appreciate me taking so many pics of his chins!

happy 3 months hen!


  1. So many wonderful pictures. He is a cutie for sure.

    1. thanks! there might be a little bias here but i think he sure is adorable hehe

  2. Love! It appears though that his bear is shrinking :)

    1. right? i should probably return it. theres clearly something wrong with it.

  3. It must have taken you forever to upload all those pictures!!!

    Happy birthday Henry!!!

    1. its not too bad... i have all my pictures pretty well organized (im a bit obsessive with how i organize)

  4. He's HUGE!!! I can't believe how fast babies grow. And he's pretty damn cute too :-)

    1. no kidding, hes growing like a weed! also- im pretty sure you and exclusive someday will be married elope to vegas dating engaged partner still have yet to meet him!!!! hrumph.

  5. Awww, LOVED reading this update with all the Henry photos!! I seriously cannot get enough! So excited for my little nugget to arrive in a few weeks! :) Can't believe how big he is getting! Love the comparison against the stuffed bear. I love his big smiles and double chins. Baby chunk has to be my most favorite thing ever. :)

  6. Chubby babies...I die...and the chins...ugh I can't take it!
    Harper must meet this handsome little devil asap (she likes younger men)

    Ps...don't beat yourself up if you do decide to stop pumping (been there done that) You have to do what's best for both YOU and Henry...and it's always best for Henry to have a happy momma :)

  7. He makes the cutest faces ever. Also..we had the exact same thing happen a couple I weeks ago with his 3 mo PJ's I put him in a pair and I could tell they were just too small. He is growing way too fast! LOVE the pictures of Henry with the cow :) Sweet boy!

  8. He is such a cutie! Love the update posts, keep them coming.

  9. I can't get enough of the chin photos!! Too stinking cute! You can tell he has quite the little personality. He's just perfect Danielle! Oh, and also like the photo with Duke in it. How is the big brother adjusting to life with a tiny human?