Tuesday, August 27, 2013

the most boring race recap ever

last wednesday (yes, almost a week ago now) was the last of the back cove 5k series races for me. there is one left tomorrow but i have to work. im sad i cant go to the awards, surely they would be giving me one for being awesome and running a bunch of 5ks after having a baby. duh.

as per the norm, kristal and i complained the entire drive to the race. why do we keep going back? its hot. i dont wanna run. my legs hurt. etc. etc. etc. i had 7 miles on the schedule so i did a little over 4 before the race started, then ran the race (comfortably, 25:32), then finished up a little more to make 8 miles. i came in 57th out of 130 runners for the night. not too shabby. and along the way my friend jamie ran by me the other way and we gave each other a high five. fun!

each week at the finish line they hand out a shirt to a few runners... and this week i got one! i had had a dream about getting one, and how fitting that it happened at my last race! they actually tried to give one to kristal, who finished right ahead of me, but she had already gotten one a few weeks ago so she declined. you'd think they would then offer it to the next runner, right? well he didnt say anything! i just came running through the finish and walked over to kristal to get water. she said "did he give you the shirt i declined?" and i said "NO!" so i casually walked back over to him, he looked at me and laughed... 

"have you gotten a shirt yet this series?" 
"no i havent"
"do you want one?" 

and it fits and its comfy. yay!
the end of back cove 5k series, thank god.