Friday, February 21, 2014

henry: nine months!

whoever said "just wait til you have kids, time goes by so fast"... man, were they telling the truth. nine months?! when i was little summer lasted foooorrrrrever. you wait so long to get to college, which is now suddenly a blur. our wedding came and went in the blink of an eye. pregnancy seemed to slow down time just a bit... and now here we are. 276 days later. im sure ill say this each month (week? day?) for the rest of my life, but i just wish i could pause time every now and then (aaaaaand im crying....)

henry is just becoming the most coolest little guy to be around (well he has always been the coolest little guy, but especially now that hes becoming so much more interactive). and i know whats coming... walking, talking, school... my friends with kids say that it doesnt slow down, and i believe them. i just never knew it would feel this fast.

9 month pictures were by far the most difficult to take... and the most fun (minus henry almost falling off the front of the chair after throwing mr. bear onto the floor and trying to figure out where he went). enjoy all the outtakes, this is what the photo shoots look like when im too lazy to edit, which is right now. moms tired.

our super accurate way of weighing him says just over 19lbs. weird since he weighed over 20 last month (again, using our super accurate scale)... although hes walking all over the house in his walker so maybe not so weird. no idea about his height... 9 month check up next wednesday so we can find out then. hes pretty long.

poor little dude had a cold this week (2nd one), which was inevitable since i was sick last weekend and ty kinda got it during the week. he seemed ok when he was up and about but lay him down and it was instant congestion and he coughed and sniffled and wailed trying to get to sleep. and there was nothing you can really do except wait it out. ugh. his next appointment to check on the kidneys is the day after his 1st birthday. fingers crossed til then.

im hanging onto at least one (ok maaaaaybe two) 6 month onesies that i think still fit (they dont). most 9 month onesies fit fine, but hes wearing 12 month pajamas, pants, and socks. shoe sizes for kids confuse me... we have a few pairs of shoes, one doesnt have a size, one is size 3 i think? another maybe a size 4? both fit and might be a bit big. he pulls them off within minutes anyway. and grammy just bought him some toms from the zulilly sale... im so excited. hen, probably not so much.

mostly the same as it has been for awhile now. still going to bed between 7 and 8pm, waking up somewhere between 3:30 and 4am to be changed, and then will fall back asleep until 5-5:30am. sadly he will only fall back asleep after that diaper change if we bring him into bed with us. we dont mind doing this now but are hoping this doesnt start a bad habit... oh well. i cherish the cuddles. hens also a great napper (once he stops fighting it and actually falls asleep), but again he will take 2-3 hour naps if i fall asleep with him in our bed, vs an hour to an hour and a half he naps in his crib. i dont get it, but hey- i love naps.

he is SO close to crawling. so close. but he still crawls backwards and gets himself stuck in places that he cant get out of since he cant crawl forward. so he just sits there until you go get him (lying under the couch, sitting under the end tables, etc). hen has 4 teeth, two on the top front, two on the bottom front. he looks like a little rabbit. he and daddy work on their "stands"... you just hold his hands and he will stand up and has a great look of accomplishment on his face. if you say "up" to him, hen will hold up his arms to be picked up. and hes almost getting the sign for "more", but more often than not will just bang on the high chair when hes ready for more food. its amazing to watch him learn.

mr. bear, are you ok down there? ill save you!

baby gear love
the walker is definitely a fave! henry walks all around the place in that thing, forwards, backwards, bulldozing through everything in his path (including dukes face!) run into the wall? no big deal, ill just back up and try again. were constantly doing laps around the house and he will just follow and chase you. ive gone back to using the ergo/bjorn carriers when hen is fussy and refuses to be put down without screaming. good times.

had a wonderful time in lisbon falls at a winter sleigh ride festival last week! it was pretty windy and chilly but henry was a good sport and we wrapped him all up in my scarf to shield him. his rosy cheeks and red nose were just the cutest. and i ate three delicious sugary homemade donuts. thanks mandy for inviting us!!
we also went over to our friends kim and calebs house and got to meet their new little one, oliver! he was just about the same size as henry was, and its crazy to look at him and hold him and think that henry was ever that small. unbelieveable.

oh man, diapers... i was talking to a friend at work the other day about cloth diapers. i really do wish we had just sucked it up and bought 4 or 5 size large g diapers and continued using them. (most of the people i talked to regarding cloth diapering said many babies wear medium right through to potty training since mediums go up to almost 30lbs, so we bought all smalls and mediums). well apparently when your kid gets mommys long torso and daddys long legs... mediums just dont do the trick (i think he outgrew them by 4 months?). but regardless, diapers sure are stupid expensive.

anyway... so hes currently in size 4, which i think is ridiculous in and of itself (although they are for 22-37lbs), but now im about to buy size 5 (?!?!?) for sleep because he wets the size 4 so much he is waking up at 3am wanting to be changed! (arent size 4 supposed to go to 37lbs? and size 3s say theyre up to 27lbs!) this worked from size 3-4 (helped him to sleep a little longer with the bigger size diaper on at night), so we will see. we really only use the baby dry 12 hour protection ones, although once he starts crawling ill probably buy the cruisers. i could write an entire post about the differences between diapers and number of diapers in boxes vs prices vs where you buy them... there is NO standardization! at one place i went to one box of diapers with 144 diapers is $37.99 and at the same store another box of the same size but with only 127 diapers in the box is the same damn price... wth?? it will make your head spin! needless to say, i buy the diapers, i buy one kind (pampers baby dry, box of 144) and i find all the coupons and target specials. or i call grandma. did you follow all that? time to potty train i think...

this kid sure does love to eat, that hasnt changed. new foods are chunks of bananas instead of pureed, prunes, broccoli, and finally... CHICKEN! i was nervous for a long time about pureed chicken. i dont know what made me nervous, i just thought it sounded and looked so gross. but he sure eats that up. apples and chicken, veggies and chicken... you name it, he will eat it. our routine is still the same as last month, just he will eat more food and less formula at each sitting (wake up- formula/antibiotic, breakfast- oatmeal with fruit, bottle mid day, lunch- veggies, afternoon bottle and more oatmeal with fruit, dinner-veggies, bottle before bed. and TONS of puffs snacks throughout the day, he loves those. and the serving size is 80 pieces haha). hoping to start some juice, yogurt, and different types of finger foods next week! with 4 teeth, im sure things will be ok. OH... and i let him suck on the edge of a pickle at a restaurant last week. i know, im surprised i allowed such awful things to occur... but luckily he was pretty grossed out. totally my son.


crawling forward, apparently. hates the booger sucker (which is annoying to respiratory therapist mommy!). he still despises wearing hats and anything on his feet. and naps.... ugh. youll regret this one day hen!

happy 9 months henry!!


  1. I loved this post! I feel like you were talking about Elliott the entire time! It's been so fun to watch our boys grow "together" :D

  2. Awww, he is adorable!! Can't believe he is already 9 months! I still remember your posts while running pregnant!

  3. So fun to read this since my kiddo is two months older and I can remember all of this. Happy monthiversary Henry!

  4. New to your blog and TOTALLY relate with how time flies. We're finding out the sex of baby #2 later this week and I can't believe I'm already going to have 2 kids. Happy 9 months to your adorable little man!!!