Friday, February 28, 2014

PDF- phone dump friday

this weeks phone dump friday is all about running! last weeks usatf situation, the end of week 8 of marathon training... my life pretty much revolves around my fam, hen, work, and running. and food. and cats. duke. coffee. ok so i have a lot of things going on in my life, but anyway, this weeks photos are all about running.

somedays i really do feel like i suck

runners are all sorts of crazy, or hardcore.
(screenshot taken at 4:38am, from mile 2 on the treadmill. clearly a day i didnt suck)

ive spent many hours on the treadmill this winter... sometimes feeling like that

love love love brooks.

aint that the truth #therapy


this seems like so long ago. and a huge fail that day. and gross runners feet. suck.

i might need to do a night marathon again just so i can wear this outfit!!
i also might need to win the lottery to afford it. 
(or brooks can make me an ambassador... maybe? please?)

one terribly awful call...


excited to follow along with her journey
any runner will understand.

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  1. I am dying over your alarm screenshot! You are hilarious! 5:30...lazy ass. Yea right. dedicated and hardcore is more like it. 3:45...cray cray.