Tuesday, April 22, 2014

henry: eleven months!

somewhere over 20lbs haha... if i had to guess, 22 maybe? since thats my favorite number, ill go with that

still a very healthy growing little guy!

12-18 month fits perfectly. i put a pair of 9 month pajamas on him the other night... (oops, this is 11 month blog...) i just cant let some of this stuff go!!!

still having issues with him waking up between 4 and 5 and fussing. hes extremely wet, so we change him then (hes still half asleep usually) and then bring him into bed with us. we broke this one night over the weekend... just laid him back down and tried to see if he would fall back asleep in his crib (he fusses every 10 minutes or so and when hes in bed with us we will just sing or whistle and he will fall back asleep)... we were worried that if he fussed and just laid there in his crib he wouldnt be able to fall back asleep, but he did for about an hour. whatever, i like having him in bed with us. this stage wont last forever, so ill cherish it now while i can.
we had one night last week where he was up every hour on the hour screaming. this was really taxing on us because he has slept through the night for so many months now. it was due to his 6th tooth breaking through but it was so hard to watch and i just cried and cried rocking him back to sleep. we had to remind ourselves that this was normal and nothing was wrong with our kid, was just really sad to see him in pain (and we were both exhausted having to get up for work the next day!)

standing up and climbing all over everything! he is climbing up the stairs (with just guarding behind him), and he is a lot more verbal. i swore "mama" and "hi" came out the other day, but i havent heard it since. soon! he is also very close to walking unassisted (i figured it would happen on 11 months and 1 day like all the other milestones, but it didnt happen). hen also got his 6th tooth (now has 4 on the top and 2 on the bottom). those darn teeth really seem to bother him right before breaking through so we (ok i) got him the amber teething necklace. does it work? i dunno. ty makes fun of it, but if it might help just a little, im ok with it.

baby gear love
definitely the bob stroller again now that the weather is not frigid arctic tundra up here anymore! i love this stoller more than anything, not just for walking or running but also for going out and about. its easy to fold up and put away, easy to open up, and maneuvers so well throughout stores and whatnot. i wish it had a little more storage but its got enough for what we need. we've pretty much outgrown a lot of the other baby gear we got- still using the walker which is great when we need to get things done but he is more content climbing around the furniture and attempting to pull all things out of everywhere (we finally put child safety lock things on the kitchen cabinets).

along with the normal grocery store, target, etc- we went to the childrens museum with friends allie and parker. hen loved it!

hen started swimming lessons. he seems to enjoy them for the most part (although the water is cold!)

and he met the easter bunny while at grammy and grampy nappis for an easter egg hunt! what a great surprise! he also got fabulous easter baskets.

size 4. we've had an issue with some sort of diaper rash- more or less we think its from his pee mixing with the target diaper material (seemed worse when we were using the target diapers, goes away with the pampers...) but it also could have been from something he ate? who knows. its cleared up and never seemed to bother him.

still easier to write what the kid wont eat as opposed to what he will eat. the list of what he doesnt like to eat has nothing on it. he will eat anything. which is awesome. new foods we have tried recently- waffles with maple syrup (and weve added maple syrup to his oatmeal), eggs, cheese, strawberries, and more yogurt flavors. some of his favorites are still puffs (any flavor), little crispy crunchy cheese doodle type snack things, avacado, bananas, and applesauce. unattended he loves to eat grass, mud, dog hair and books. ugh.


there is not much this kid doesnt like... some days hes a bit fussier than others, but overall just a very happy and content baby. as of recently hen really doesnt care for getting his diaper changed or getting clothes on- its a true wrestling match at times! (which makes for a complete disaster if he has a dirty diaper!) he still dislikes wearing socks, shoes, and hats.

we cannot believe how fast time has gone by... less than 30 days until our little man turns 1. it has been incredible watching him grow and learn, and in turn we ourselves have grown and learned so much from him. the past 11 months have been the best months of my entire life... i just wish i could bottle up all this time and save it. my memories will last forever. we sure love this little booger!

happy 11 months henry!!


  1. My baby boy Hank is getting sooo big! And damn! He is handsome. It goes by so fast so enjoy every single second. Even the bad ones.

  2. Love love love the BOB. ..agreed probably one of my most favorite baby items. It's our everyday stroller.
    You mean mommy...putting locks on the on all the cabinets lol
    Dude, your Easter bunny was kind of creepy. I mean most of them are, but I'd say yours was probably top 3.
    I can sympathize with the wrestling matches during diaper changes. Seriously it's so annoying how the tantrum just comes on the second Elliott feels himself being put down.
    I feel your pain with the top teeth. Going through it right now. ..hence the time on this comment lol

  3. What a cutie!!! Love to see how he changed over the months.