Friday, April 18, 2014

PDF- phone dump friday

exciting things happening this week! (and i havent had a PDF in awhile). no surprise, this ones all about running (its totally consuming my life right now... 3 more weeks!!)

i only told a handful of people that i had entered the chicago marathon lottery
(and personally thought there was no way i was going to be picked...)

...and then this showed up on my athlete center...

and then i got this email. and so did kristal!

check out ERICA SARA DESIGNS. beautiful.
(she is also making a really sweet gift for my marathon fundraising giveaway!)

speaking of my fundraising...
$1000. i am overwhelmed with feelings.



love this pic from last weeks amazing PR at great bay.
dont worry, ive purchased the pic. just dont want to wait to get it. please dont send me to jail.

and finally, the boston marathon is monday. lots of emotions for me in that city, but i am proud to say i am boston strong, and will be there to support each and every runner. good luck to you all!!

definitely having this picked up for me. love oiselle!!
(thanks sarah!)

2011 boston memories

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  1. I'm so excited that you got into Chicago!!! Maybe we will finally get to meet IRL now :)