Monday, September 8, 2014

august recap

august miles

# of runs


highest weekly mileage


# of secret marathons i was signed up for/training for: 


# of runs i missed and just said oh well. f it. running sucks. i quit. peace out secret marathon, no one knows about you anyway: 
a lot.

# of miles on treadmill


# of times i tried something with chia seeds: 

one. never again. barf. (just for you, angela)

new music on the ipod:

battleships by daughtry
bang bang by jessie j

track/speed work, strength training, hill repeats oh my!

lots of recovery

also: recovery

beach to beacon 10k
bradbury breaker 9 mile trail race
the maine mile

upcoming races

bradbury bruiser 12 mile trail race
chicago marathon
mount desert island marathon (relay)

other august stuff:

we finally realized that hens hair was getting a little out of control, so we got little mans very first haircut one saturday afternoon (but not before i put it in a bam bam pony tail, obviously)

we also had the annual Aaron T. Sterling Scholarship golf tournament, with some added fun on the 16th hole this year (all teams could tee off from the ladies tee... for a small price)


we discovered it was time for the grandparents to get a new car seat...

and sometimes you just have to throw on whatevers available to wear and get out the door for a family walk to get rid of the grumpies

mommy and henry selfies are the best

someones apparently not a huge fan of the water any more

before /after 

overall august was a great month


  1. You have the cutest kid ever. Can't wait to meet you at the (not secret) Chicago Marathon :)

  2. I tried twice yesterday to comment so I really should be the first one... anyway. Hen is the cutest and you ran all the miles and you also have way too much color coordinated compression stuff and I love that you are still alive.

    Did you soak your chia seeds? cause I thought they actually were tasty with lime juice and water after they got all inflated.

    1. haha the chia seeds were actually in a chocolate chip cookie, and i lied. they really werent all that bad. but what you wrote about soaking them with lime juice makes me want to gag.

  3. Awww poor Henry...Zoe went through a "I hate bath time" phase at some point. But now she is back in love. I'm sure Henry will, too.