Tuesday, February 2, 2016

boston training: week 4

another week done. lots of running. also lots of cold medicine, tissues, complaining... the norm it feels like. but actually were all feeling almost back to 100%, which is fan-freaking-tastic. the plague lasted waaaaaay too long in this house. luckily spring came early (for a few days at least) and i was able to open the windows and get rid of the germs (for good i hope! although hen is a walking germ i think). im sure we will have more snow at some point, but ill take this weather while its here, for sure.

the only run im not satisfied with this week was my speedwork. the dreaded ladder. this freaking workout killed me the last time around, and once again... i basically got stuck at the top. actually, i never made it to the top. i did the 1200 and decided the 1600 would kill me (obviously... ladders are a death trap for sure), and just did an 800 recovery and went back down. still got a pretty good workout in, mile and a half short. move on. i feel like now that im healthy again (almost), things will get better. and i know this is a tough plan but it feels like im getting stronger. so thats cool and all. maybe ill try the workout again. but not likely.

last weekend ty and i went to boston to see friends... lots of bud light and pizza (and tater tots with ranch and even a glass of wine! haha good thing the 21 day fix is over. oops!) also had the most amazing french toast with maple pecan syrup... omg. amazing. weekend away equals all the food.

76 days!

also amazing, the selfie stick.

i also got outside 3 times this week, which was fantastic. feels so good to get fresh air! 

and when they give you pipe cleaners to keep you occupied during a motivational interviewing conference... you make a unicorn. clearly.

week 4

400 goal: 1:48- actual 1:47
800 goal: 3:34- actual 3:32 hey, so far so good
1200 goal: 5:20- actual 5:23 uh oh...
1600 goal: 7:10- actual... nope. death. dead.
1200 goal: 5:20- actual 5:28
800 goal: 3:34- actual 3:37
400 goal: 1:48- actual 1:46 (aka- get me the f off this damn treadmill NOW. I HATE YOU LADDER!)
7 @MP: (goal pace 7:49-8:01)- 7:52, 7:50, 7:51, 7:52, 7:46, 7:49, 7:40. yeah. this run was amazing.
long run: (goal pace 8:29-8:42)- average pace 8:33. it was gorgeous outside! (people probably thought i was crazy in a tank top. whatever. super happy with this run.)

long run like a boss


and then i got a donut. because... donuts. 

yum. way tastier than carrot sticks.

song obsession of the week

week 4 DONE.

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  1. I hope that the April weather sticks around (also, I hope that April doesn't feel like August. Hmm)
    Last year I was sick (almost) constantly from November to May and it was disgusting. I had kids germing all over me and sneezing in my face. Yuck. I feel the pain. Know that even if you can not breathe for 3 months you will still be fine (given your line of work you could probably give yourself a breathing treatment or something!!)