Thursday, February 11, 2016

boston training: week 5

week 5 certainly had its ups and downs. weve been through this before... no week is going to be perfect, but i had a few great runs. and then i quit running all together.

there comes a point in each marathon training (at least for me anyway) when im all "ya know what? F this. i quit running. i suck. im tired. this is stupid. who wants to run anyway? why not just order pizza and eat cookies all the time. (side note, nothing wrong with that. yum). if i have to step one foot on that treadmill again im gonna scream. screw it all. no more running". a bit over dramatic, maybe. but you get the idea. that point for me came monday night.

hens had a cough since thanksgiving. its not great, and none of us have been sleeping well since. like clockwork hes up at 11pm and 4am coughing. if i go and give him medicine he wants me to hold him and wont go back to bed, so ty does most of that (but im not sleeping, im laying in bed thinking wtf is going on with this kid, please stop coughing!). were getting him checked out for asthma but until we get into our appointment were now doing an inhaler and allergy meds... we'll see what happens. but sunday night was the worst and he woke up at 2am and wouldnt go back to bed. needless to say mommy was a bit tired.

working on alphabet and spelling... at 3:15am



hotdog dance!

he finally crashed in my bed at about 12:50 after playing around in my room for over an hour.

 and then coughed and woke himself up and wanted to play. i was not impressed.

we both got about an hour nap that day, then took him to the doctor and they gave us the inhaler. of course we had to try it out on mickey first, just to be sure.

inhale and hold your breath, mickey!

of course he took it like a champ (with a little remote control bribery). 
whatever works.

so yeah, i decided to quit running. and that lasted for 2 days but im feeling more rested now and remembered i kinda have 2 big marathons im training for and oh, one of them just happens to be boston so i guess i better get over my pity party and get my shit back together. i really just needed a little break, and im definitely good with that. plus i had an amazing run this morning so yay rest! just what i needed.

yes, yes, yes

lets see, what did week 5 look like...

my first run of the week wasnt great, legs felt like lead after tuesdays 14 miler. but i took the recovery seriously and ran slow which helped. thursdays speedwork (3x1600s) were awesome awesome awesome, and i felt my awesome run deserved an awesome oiselle purchase. obviously.

can i make weekly speed workout oiselle rewards a thing? i think so.
(husband doesnt agree)

fridays rest day was just that... 
Eat healthy. 
Stay focused (also Stretch). 
Tune out the negativity.

i ended up switching saturday and sundays runs because i was going to be able to do the marathon pace run outside while spectating the mid winter classic 10 miler on sunday (and the weather was stupid cold saturday and supposed to be so much nicer sunday). many people asked why i didnt just run the race... i didnt know that i would have 10 on the schedule, sometimes this race is really really cold, and i knew i would want to race and i needed to not race. so i took off on the course backwards and ran, meeting up with the leaders just before mile 3, stopped for a minute or two to watch everyone, then finished up in time to watch the winners come in. the weather was perfect and i had a really great run, marathon pace spot on and felt great the whole time. the only kinda bummer part is i screwed up my garmin settings when i set up this run so i only know the average pace for the 7 marathon pace miles and not each mile pace. i know how to do it differently next time, but i think a few of the miles were a little faster than should have been. oh well. (i made a workout where it times 2 warm up miles within a certain pace and screams at you if you go too fast or too slow, then set it for 7 miles between 7:49 and 8:05, then 1 mile cool down. so it averaged the 7 miles between those paces overall, not for each mile.... whatever. i ran well).

mid winter classic 10 miler... backwards

the hills still suck no matter which way you run it

yay for seeing michelle!!

bff love

so yeah, i felt good and all that. then sunday night into monday morning happened and i was tired. so so tired. i had kinda screwed myself switching saturday and sundays runs because saturday was 10 miles with 7 at MP, then a 10/10 on monday and tuesday, so i was now looking at 10/10/10 with a work day on tuesday. oof. i managed to run 8.5 miles monday night and then said no more. a 3:30am alarm was not appealing in the least. i still have a lot of runs left until april 18th, and skipping a few now isnt going to hurt me (and i figured attempting to run them with no sleep and just mentally not into it would set me up for less than stellar weeks to come). 

week 5

3x1600- (goal 6:53-7:03)- 7:10, 7:02, 6:56. felt pretty great (800m recovery between 1600s)
7 @MP- (goal pace 7:49-8:01)- like i said i only got the average pace for the 7 miles total instead of each individual mile, but for those 7 miles the pace was 7:53. super happy with that run
long run- didnt happen. oh well.

in other week 5 (random) news...

its not every day youre wearing a jeopardy question

hes the best, duh
(and ive scheduled massages and chiro appointments thru april, yay! 
and i wont confirm or deny that a tattoo appointment 
may be scheduled in boston for april 19th)

we thought hen might be allergic to his crib mattress, so new bed it was! plus he was outgrowing his crib anyway. waaaaaaaah mommys gonna cry now. (also no such luck with the allergy idea. still coughing in the new bed)

big boy bed!

too cool for school

and we got to meet melissa and james' new baby, declan. sooooooo little! hen wasnt so sure about him but gave him gentle kisses before we left.

this was an adventure in and of itself

the few runs i took off definitely helped, but youll have to wait until next week to find out about todays amazing speedwork! i should probably make a rule about speedwork runs and ordering oiselle... if the first package hasnt arrived yet i cant order another? (ugh their $5 shipping takes soooooo long to arrive). 

looking forward to watching the olympic trials marathon saturday!!


  1. Hen is freaking adorable but that inhaler has to be intimidating for a little one! I hate mine at 30. :)

    Killer week lady. Can't wait to keep following along. :)

  2. I like to buy myself Oiselle presents too, for a variety of reasons (good workout! bad workout! jus because!) Sorry you had a blah week, I hope the kiddo is feeling 100% soon (sick kid: boooooooo...)
    Also, what is the marathon #2 on your list currently? Boston obvs, but what else?

    1. oiselle should probably just take my tax refund. seriously, its bad. cant wait for the spring collection to arrive (online... and in my mailbox!) marathon #2 is gci! oddly excited despite middle of the day middle of the summer... oh god what was i thinking?!