Tuesday, November 3, 2009

a few pics to bring us up to date...

instead of boring all you lovely readers with write-ups about all the races ive done (which i would probably just make up anyway since i cant remember most of them), i figured i would just post a few pics to catch up to the past few months of my racing career. i apologize in advance for the poor quality (and hideous faces) of some of the pics. enjoy!
my first half marathon, portland maine, october 2005. sweet belt.
me and leni, rockin and rollin in arizona, january 2006

disneyworld half marathon, january 2007 (just a little humid i think)

great bay half marathon, april 2008

melissa, ty, and me after the beach2beacon 10k, august 2008

portland half marathon, october 2008 (my FAVORITE pic, by far)
melissa and me after the beach2beacon, august 2009
so there you have it. ive done 27 races since 2002 (see left side of the page for dates/races/times), and with my big plans for next year, that will continue to grow. ive definitely learned to love running, not only for its health benefits, but for its therapeutic benefits as well.
exciting news, this post catches us up to september 2009, which is where the real fun begins! stay tuned.....

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  1. You have done some really amazing races. Would love to do the Disney Half