Monday, November 23, 2009

2009 turkey trot

ill start out by saying i havent done a 5k race since november 2005. and it was the same race that i did today. and it still sucked. i. dont. like. 5k's.

when i did the race in 2005, i felt slow, sluggish, legs were sore, lungs hurt, and it was a PR for my 5k distance. today i felt slow, sluggish, legs were sore, lungs hurt, and it was a (unrecorded) PR for my 5k distance. note to self: NO MORE 5k's! (and definitely no more races post working the overnight shift).

throughout the whole race i swore i had bronchitis (mind you ive never even had bronchitis, but i figured this might be what it feels like). i couldnt breathe. i had to turn my music up so i wouldnt hear myself panting. i had phlem stuck in the back of my throat that i couldnt cough up. my capri pants i wore were too big so i kept having to tug at them to stay up. it wasnt as cold as i thought it was going to be so i was overdressed and hot (and not hot as in good looking). my shoes werent tied tight enough. must i repeat? NO MORE 5k's.

however, i trudged on. got to mile one at 7:05, which definitely surprised me since i felt so crappy. mile two took a bit longer; got there at 14:50. and then.... three stupid hills later, i crossed the finish line reading 24:02. looking at those numbers just now i feel so awful. how did i go from 7:05-7:45-9:12?!?! ugh. MAJOR major fail. see last sentence of previous paragraph. and to top it all off, when i showed up to the race i went in to buy my number and get my chip and for whatever reason i thought the entry was $16. of course it was $18 and i had no more money. so i dont even have my official time. the clock says i finished in 24:02. i did not cross the starting line exactly when the time started, but i dont know exactly how many seconds it was for me to cross. the person who came in 6th in my age group finished 23:58, the person in 7th came in 24:03. so i would have placed 5th or 6th. grrrrrrrr.

lucky for me i signed my friend Andrea and myself up for another beast in december just last night. is there time to get my money back? she and i have already planned to run 10 minute miles dressed as naughty elves (oh yeah, there will be pics dont you worry), so maybe i wont feel as crappy.

5k's. not hardcore.

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  1. I would have loaned you the money. ;)