Saturday, November 28, 2009

giving thanks

thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays. i mean really, whats not to love about getting to eat complex carbohydrates all day?! i also get the added bonus of having my birthday on or around this fabulous day of food. win all around.

another great part of thanksgiving is the running. and this year we took it to a whole new level. my friend sarah and i set out in the morning to run the portland thanksgiving 4 miler. i ran this race back in 2005 but had not done it since, so i was excited to be a part of it once again. this was going to be one of my races for next years resolution, but when i went to the expo on wednesday night i discovered there was no race bib, so that race is out. (turkey trot in. stupid 5k's).

this is us running up one of the hills in the race... sadly this race does a 2 mile loop so you have to go up this hill twice. ugh.
post race i went over to my parents house for thanksgiving dinner, where my brothers gave me my birthday present a few days early since they didnt know if they would see me on my birthday or not. they definitely love me... LLBean hot pink headlamp and a reflective belt with a pocket for my cell phone and GU! xoxo

after thanksgiving dinner, sarah and i headed out again for a midnight madness run at LLBean in freeport. santa drove ahead of the runners on his Harley, we all got free water bottles, and then some of the shops in freeport were open for some early morning black friday shopping. quite the unique experience!

heres another action shot for ya. i think we're just a little crazy.... and by crazy, i really mean hardcore :-)
and after a day of shopping, ty and i enjoyed a few egg nog drinks, watched "love, actually", and set up our very first christmas tree. DONT HATE! pink rocks.

and finally, thanks to all who wished me a happy birthday today and who came out to celebrate :-) last year of my 20's... wow, time goes by way too fast.

me, rachel, and melissa... and for the record, my heels are SALMON, not orange. and i got them at payless. no shame.

jpell, andrea, and myself.... we love it.

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