Monday, June 28, 2010

a well needed change of scenery

day #26 of my stupid idea to run at least a mile every day for the month of june had me out in skowhegan maine with a convenient(ly difficult & hilly) 2.6 mile loop. ive had pretty awful runs for the past week and this one went surprisingly well, which makes me smile. ill just be happy when this month is over and i can take some rest days and focus on speed work and long runs for marathon training. *fun fact: the loop was only 2.6 miles, but i ran a little extra so that my nike+ read 2.62. its a marathon thing.... or something.

after a long downhill past a deer farm (which i NEVER see any deer. sad) i came upon this lovely hill. it doesnt look too bad in this pic but it.really.sucked. i also swatted horseflies the entire way up which was a real waste of energy. really really not awesome.

but alas, the view from the top was well worth the pain and struggle to get to the top (i dont think were in south portland any more toto)

and when i got home i had these furry little friends waiting for me... sage and beckett (who has a nice close shave for the summer)

gotta love just getting away for a few days. refreshing.

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  1. yeah, I think G is about to get the summer shave. our house is a desert of puppy tumbleweed. nice views, too!