Friday, June 11, 2010

fun fact friday

ff 29: tomorrow is race #6 of my new years resolution, 12 in 2010. its a small race in freeport that has the option of either 5k or 10k. my choice to do the 10k is due to my deep hatrid for the 5k distance, although im slowly beginning to enjoy that distance more and more. either way, it should be a good time. i just so happened to come across the race results from last year and i could have a good chance to win my age group (i only have 5 more races in my current age group!). and get this... the 1st and 2nd place finishers in each win a PIE!!! who wouldnt try to run their best for that prize?!

ff 30: my 30th bday is in 5 months and 22 days. ugh.

ff 31: i have two spider plants. i barely remember to water them, but they get a ton of sunlight which i assume they enjoy. i know i like to get a lot of sun but i also dont like being dehydrated, so i should probably try harder to remember to water them more.

meet spidey:

and meet MJ. she has recently grown flowers that close into buds at night with the curtains pulled, and open up during the day with the sunlight. it baffles me. i didnt know they grew flowers.

ff 32: for the month of june i am running (at least) 1 mile every day as well as a sit up/push up/jumping jack routine (for the first week i did 25 of each, this week i have been doing 50, next week will be 75, then 100. for the last 4 days of the month ill do 125). today is the 11th day of the month. i dont know how crazy people like dean karnazes and the like are able to run marathons day after day, there have been a few days already that ive had to literally dragged myself out to just do one freaking mile! so far ive logged 25 miles and 400 sit ups/push ups/jumping jacks. im definitely feeling much stronger, and can do almost 20 push ups consecutively now (before i couldnt even do 5).

ff 33: i got this lovely surprise in the mail today:

at this point im sure most of you know what operation jack is, but click that link if you dont. sam is running 60 marathons this year to raise awareness for autism. you can support this great cause on his site and get yourself one of these comfy shirts! he has a contest every week for his races, so get on over there and check it out.

post race recap coming sunday. half way there!!!

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  1. what the heck, why aren't you racing the 5k??!?!?! you silly girl. hope you rocked it regardless!