Friday, June 25, 2010

what have you done? what will you do?

its friday, and im feeling very uncreative. a few days ago i creeped some blogs and stole this idea to use later on for a post and now i cant remember where i stole it from. its been a long week. so i apologize to whoever i stole this from, cuz i think its cool and u probably thought long and hard about it and im taking the easy way out. booooooooo danielle.

in the last year i have...
*gotten engaged
*run two marathons, one half marathon, four 10k’s, six 5k’s, and a 200 mile relay
*experienced a few new things and learned a lot about myself

in the last month i have...
*lost two toenails. its a running thing. and its gross
*watched more oc/one tree hill than I ever should (thank you soap net afternoons)
*started reading more… hello twilight series

in the last week i have...
*gone to a wedding
*got very drunk at said wedding
*spent 9 hours the next day on the couch watching movies, curled up in the fetal position, praying i didnt throw up (i somehow managed to not get sick. one of lifes greatest mysteries)

in the last day i have...
*had the most delicious sweet potato waffle fries (dipped in ranch, of course)
*cried when i said goodbye to one of my patients ive had for the past month (shes recovering and im hoping she will go home before im back next week)
*had the worst heartburn ive ever felt. woke me at 3am and i pretty much thought i was having a heart attack it hurt so bad

in the next day i will...
*attend a benefit dinner for a young man trying to raise money to get a double lung transplant
*visit one of my favorite dogs in the whole world
*get my car washed. having a black car with all this stupid pollen sucks real bad

in the next week i will...
*hopefully make one of my really good friends smile
*start packing for a road trip with my mom
*run #7 of 12

in the next month i will...
*spend a week with family and far away friends
*get to meet baby emerson!
*start swimming again… and maybe bike a little (dont get your hopes up quite yet)

in the next year i will...
*eat, drink, and get married!
*pass my boards
*learn to relax a little more and not take one day for granted

what are you looking forward to in the next day, week, month and year?

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