Sunday, November 21, 2010

2011 resolution & shutterfly

(pre warning... there seem to be a LOT of parentheses in this post. it happens sometimes.)

as the new year seems to be getting closer and closer (eeeeek!) and this years new years resolution is almost complete (race #11 of 12 was today, blog post to come tomorrow... stay tuned!), its about that time to come up with a resolution for next year. in 2009 i went 365 days & 7 minutes without eating one single potato chip. no tostitos (which means no nachos... i know, so sad). no doritos (no blue or red bag). no kettle chips or cape cod. no fritos (meaning no french onion dip). cheetos were NOT a potato chip, and i challenge anyone to prove me wrong (they are a cheesy crunchy snack!). it was a sad, sad year. getting engaged helped. and chocolate.

this years resolution was to run a road race each month. that is why this blog pretty much exists in the first place. so far, so good. 11 down, 1 left!

so with the last two years being a success, im hoping for yet another year of a complete resolution. i guess we'll have to wait and see. what i decided for 2011 is to do the "365 project". i really love taking pics and i think this will be a great way to get a better eye for photography... and will be a unique way to document our first year of marriage. i dont think ill have a theme... im just hoping i can make it all year! (im thinking i might get a new camera sometime next year too... but i love my current camera and know how to use it pretty well, so we'll see how long it holds out for me). and at the end of the year, i just might print out all the pics (or a good number of them anyway) and make an album. or maybe a book.

have you heard of shutterfly? ive used them before to make a wedding photo book or a friend of mine and i know a lot of people that use them for prints, books, holiday cards, etc. their photos come out so clear and the different gifts they have are awesome! seriously, check them out if you do anything with photos for yourself or others... you wont be disappointed.

im participating in a 50 free holiday card blogger giveaway through shutterfly (thanks, courtney for letting me know about it!). its so hard to decide which holiday card i want to use this year (especially since were getting married right after xmas... can i wait and send holday cards in january?! i just might...) but i think ive chosen a perfect one for us... cute, right?

picture cards and gifts are so easy to make on their site! check out all their holiday cards, xmas photo cards, design a calendar, or even a personalized mug! theres something for everyone :)

what was everyone elses new years resolutions for this year? did you/will you make it? are you making any next year? 40 days!


  1. aww-what a great idea! and a perfect time to take on this kind of "resolution" being a new MRS.
    I am in awe that you went a year without chips. that is just mind boggling to me.

  2. um can i have your old camera when you get a new one? k thanks.

  3. I love when people do 365 photo projects - I love watching the progression. I'm looking forward to this one.

  4. I super duper hope your 365 project works out awesome for you. (and mucho better than mine did). :) Best of luck!