Sunday, November 21, 2010

race #11

theres not a whole lot to say about race #11, the 42nd annual turkey trot 5k. every year i run great for the first two miles and totally suck for the last 1.1 mile. let me go back and check if i wrote about this race on my blog last year.... i think i did.... please hold....

ah yes, there it is. the 2009 recap. it was at this race i decided i was never doing another 5k again. (since then ive run 8 more... i dont listen to myself very well).

last year: mile 1- 7:05. mile 2- 7:45. mile 3(+.1)- 9:12.

YEAH. you read that right. i know, total suckfest.

so how did this year go? mile 1- 7:32. mile 2- 8:00. mile 3(+.1)- 8:46.

getting better, but seriously... what is my deal with that stupid third mile? it obviously doesnt help there are two pretty good hills in that mile, but still! i need to run 5k's that are flat flat flat. thats all there is to it. or maybe just not run 5k's at all. although im still longing for that 22:xx 5k. but i still hate 5k's. whens the next marathon?

but overall i had a fun time before the race with my ladies (and andy & shaun, of course) and we did a lot of complaining about how cold it is and why we do these races, blah blah blah... the usual :)

special thanks to kevin for totally surprising me at the end and handing me water after i took off the stupid & seemingly pointless ankle timing chip (seriously... what race still uses those?! and if youre going to have timing chips, at least have a starting mat. 300 people cant lineup on the starting line folks! that lovely flaw cost me a whole 5 seconds. gosh.)

me and melissa pre race

lovin the socks ladies!


  1. i decided this weekend that i hate 5Ks. all that work getting dressed, driving, etc, to run for 30 minutes. yuk.

  2. Dude what is up w/the apparently unattainable 22:xx?!??! And I don't think next year is going to be any better for me since I'm focusing on marathons. Apparently that doesn't do much for my 5k speed.

    Still a dang good 5k. We should plan to meet up somewhere to do one and pull off the 22:xx together! :D

  3. yeah, im gonna try to work on my speed next year for the marathon so im hoping that will carry over for the 5k? probably wishful thinking.