Sunday, November 28, 2010

30 and fabulous!

for a long time i thought this day would never come... i mean, 30 years old? thats OLD! growing up, 30 always seemed so far away....

and then, it started creeping its way closer, and closer....

until it was finally here...

and today i... feel... FABULOUS!

november 28th:
332 day of the year
33 days left of the year (and then what?.... hehe. i can hear the wedding bells now...)

today in history:
1895- the first american automobile race, illinois
1944- musical "meet me in st louis" featuring judy garland premieres in nyc
1960- the monkees "im a believer" is certified gold
1964- willie nelson makes his grand ole opry debut
1980- 4:52am... st. lukes west hospital, chesterfield, missouri... i was born! how exciting.
1992- hbo airs neil diamonds christmas special
1997- final episode of beavis and butt-head was aired on mtv

famous birthdays:
1949- paul shaffer, david letterman show (LOVE him!)
1959- judd nelson (who just happens to be from portland, me)- starred in the breakfast club
1962- jon stewart, comedian
1967- anna nicole smith, i think we all know her... internet describes her as: busty gold-digger

top 10 reasons why turning 30 is awesome:
10. no longer am i the "old person" in my road race age group (24-29)
9. i get 10 more years to prepare myself for turning 40
8. i dont have to worry about turning 30 anymore, cuz its here (and remember? its awesome!)
7. ill get to laugh at the checkout person who looks confuzed when they still check my id... yes, im really 30
6. i accomplished my "run a marathon before im 30" last year. ive run 3 already. the age of 30 will bring two more (maybe even 3)
5. im stronger than i ever thought i would be- physically, mentally, and emotionally
4. i can still act like im in my 20's if i want, cuz lets be honest... do i really look 30? ;)
3. i dont look like im 30
2. this year should bring a new house and a puppy (fingers crossed)
1. i get a new last name and a husband... does it get any better than this?

(despite its true awesomeness, i can still be in a little denial, right?)


  1. i love it all!! happy birthday sweetheart!

  2. I like it all. Happy birthday, darlin.

  3. happy birthday! turning 30 ain't no big deal... i just did it! I also never noticed all this grey hair!

  4. happy birthday babe! i love this list!

  5. I'm glad I wished you a happy birthday on fbook and twitter, b/c I'm painfully behind in my google reader. I'm glad 30 is awesome! :D