Thursday, March 24, 2011

50 in 2011 *update*

as you may or may not know, my main new years resolution for this year is to complete the "365 project". you can find my project blog HERE (so far so good... although i must say, it is NOT an easy resolution as it may seem, even to me... the person who is so obsessed with taking pics! ive found myself scrambling around on more than a few occasions trying to figure out what the hell im going to take for a daily pic, hence some of the random photos. note to self: take a pic EARLY in the day, just incase)

anyway... i also added in a "50 in 2011" resolution sort of thing. just some stuff i would like to accomplish this year along with the photo project. were almost 3 months into this new year (unbelievable!!) so i thought i would give an update on how things were going.

1. get married (1/1/11!!) hehe, that was a GOOD one! wanna recap? go HERE

2. run at least 1 mile a week. no more 0 mile weeks. thats just dumb (so far so good)

3. make a photo calendar (2/21/11- wedding style, gave it to my stepfather)

4. donate to a charity every month (jan- CFF, feb- Courtney/Elisabeth for leukemia & lymphoma team in training, mar- my cousin Jennifer who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. i really really hate cancer.)

5. write down everything i eat for one week (even im not going to want to read this, considering we currently have 7 boxes of girl scout cookies in the apartment, and i had two bowls of cheerios for dinner last night. im really awesome at eating)

6. donate blood. twice. and not just for the free coffee. (the last time (ok the only time) i went to donate blood my vein collapsed and i had to wait 6 months to try again. that was over 2 years ago)
     **UPDATE- ugh, i am SO pissed. ty went to give blood yesterday at his work, answered the questions, they pricked his finger for his iron level, and THEN they asked him if he had visited a foreign country within the last year. well yes, we went to the DR for our honeymoon. oh sorry, even though we already tortured you with the painful finger stick, you cant donate for a whole year. now you can leave and have all your co-workers there in the waiting area think you cant donate cuz youve recently spent the night with a prostitute. (haha i find that funny, ty doesnt. he actually said as he walked out "we went out of the country on our honeymoon!" poor guy. ps- wouldnt it make sense to ask that question BEFORE the finger stick? just saying. my husbands a big baby haha). but so yeah, this one aint gonna happen. does that mean i cant get a tattoo either? grrrrrrrr......

7. complete a triathlon. like an official one, not just on my own (aaaand i dont know if this ones gonna happen either, since the person whos bike i was going to use for a september sprint tri will be gone to grad school. boooooooo. i might consider the virtual "pizza triathlon" for this...)

8. go to a restaurant by myself (does burger king count? hehe)

9. read 6 new books (1. "something borrowed" by emily giffin, 2. "nanny returns" by emma mclaughlin & nicola kraus, 3. "the girl with the dragon tattoo" by stieg larsson, 4. "the girl who played with fire" by stieg larsson, 5. "the girl who kicked the hornets nest" by stieg larsson)

10. find out my blood type (well i was supposed to find this out when i donate blood.... man, these are just falling apart by the minute!)

11. complete my new years resolution “365 project”

12. apply to be on big brother (casting call is in april in boston!! or a two minute video with written application. what would i even say for 2 minutes?! someone send me some creative ideas and ill post the video on here. and they say you have to be clothed. damn.)

13. plant a tree on earth day

14. write down when earth day is so i remember to plant before mentioned tree april 22 (since we dont have a house yet im gonna have to plant this at my parents house... hope they dont mind!)

15. write a letter to myself on the morning of january 1st and open it on the night of december 31st

16. pay off one credit card (scheduled for november!)

17. make my own sushi (this actually turned out pretty good)

18. lay in bed for an entire day to read, watch tv, or catch up on blogs

19. get one of my best friends from the starting line to the finish line of her first 26.2 (october 16th! be there!! aaaaand come run it for Train4Autism! k thanks)

20. train a puppy? (this would involve buying a house first... and i am NOT loving that process. but we have 9 more months...)

21. take ty to st. louis (potentially scheduled for october or november for my grammy's 90th birthday party)

22. try 5 new restaurants (1. davids)

23. send a handwritten letter/card to someone once a month- january february march
24. try to like a different activia yogurt flavor other than strawberry (vanilla bean, yummy!!)

25. see a 3D movie (i tried to convince ty to take me down to boston to see "michael flatley lord of the dance" in 3D. he absolutely turned that down. i only wanted to see it because of a certain friends episode... lets see if i can find it here for you...

clearly watch the entire thing, cuz its awesome, but for the reference, fast forward to minute 3:41

26. run a marathon (just cuz ive done it before doesnt mean i dont want to do it again... a few times- currently registered for maine marathon (10/2) and mdi marathon (10/16) and in the lottery for nyc marathon (11/6) (yikes... thats a lot of running! bring it.)

27. finish the blanket i started crocheting two years ago

28. vote

29. go apple picking

30. 'unplug' for one whole day; cell phone, computer/internet, television

31. bake a homemade pie

32. force (literally drag) ty to take me to gray animal farm. this will happen this year

33. back up all my photos from my computer (i just know my computer is going to crash on me one of these days and i will go into a deep deep depression. so far ive backed up my wedding pics, cuz thats all i care about at this moment)

34. take out $X one sunday and only use cash for a week/no debit card (this actually happened on accident cuz my debit card was compromised in a fraud situation so i couldnt use it)

35. send a random gift to someone "just because"

36. go to a shooting range, and learn how to shoot a gun

37. learn how to make tys favorite food: chicken lasagna

38. watch the sunrise and sunset in the same day (this pretty much happens every day i work right now, but i would like to spend the morning/evening at the beach this summer)

39. try to eat a damn vegetable other than potato (in the form of fried, with ranch)

40. watch 10 movies ive never seen before- (1. the social network, 2. shrek- the final chapter, 3. the girl with the dragon tattoo, 4. despicable me, 5. the kids are all right)

41. complete all 90 days p90x (even if it takes 365 days to do the 90 days)... (its almost the end of february and i have only done 4 days... this one might never happen. i hate that guy!)

42. take a week off of coffee

43. take my mom out to dinner

44. no fried food for an entire month. that means no french fries. booooo

45. for each task complete, put $10 in my savings account

46. get a pedicure when i get all my toenails back

47. finish the harry potter series

48. send my mom flowers

49. take cute cheesy fun photo booth pictures with ty

50. try/do something ive never done before- grouper, vodka/tonic, parasailing

anyone else doing anything like this? id love to hear others accomplishments :)


  1. how fun! I'm doing something similar called in 101 in 1001 days that starts the end of this month. it'll end on my 30th birthday. I'm posting it soooooooon. fun stuff. :D

  2. This is a really fun and creative list. I currently don't have one so I might have to make one for the rest of the year. I feel accomplished when I am able to scratch tasks off of my list.

  3. Well if you get the tattoo you are out again for a year or more! Donate blood next year THEN get the tattoo!

  4. 19 I like.

    48, do it on YOUR birthday. She carried you, right?

    8 and 22, just run 61 marathons all over the country this year and it'll happen, guaranteed.

    31, you're a wife now. So you'd better!